Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Understandable Worry, But What's With The Costume?

Before I recall whatever the point was that inspired this post, I have to say that I think dressing up like genitalia and pretending to be profound and righteous is a nonsensical pretense and you may be nuts.  I'd say get help, but I think that won't happen.  The new normal and all.

But, holy smoke!, if you look at faceboo there is one crazy story after another.   Trump set to appoint TV judge to Supreme Court.  No.  It is a lie.  No matter, the total supporter of the potus shares it, and comments favorably.  Someone points out that it is fake and then they point out that snopes is biased.

But the story is made up, with or without snopes' opinion.

There was a rash of anti-Trump overwhelming everything it seemed.  One friend was sharing all the koolaid memes as fast as they poured over the Niagara Falls of partisan propaganda.  So many of them proved inventions of some hack that he seems to have let up, for the most part.

If things are progressing according to FB news, I'd be way more freaked out than I am.  I would not march around dressed as a component of human reproductive materiel regardless of what the federales and Nr T decide to do.

Keep in mind, presidents are not kings or unlimited in power.  But, when you have encouraged increasing the reach of executive action and power because your man was in the catbird seat, you set the stage for someone who scares you being elected to that office and automatically having more power than he/she ought.  You helped set the stage.  As do all people who forget principle, or cannot grasp the concept, so they go for personality and emotion.

This may be a big surprise to some but I hope New England wins.  And I hope this administration is not as nuts as the zealous false stories that the ultra koolaid logged tend to share and cheer.  They want the crazy stuff.  As spooky as the ridiculous costumes.

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  1. "But, when you have encouraged increasing the reach of executive action and power...". Who did that, the Republicans when Bush was in? Obama made less executive orders than Bush. Actually it seems to me that Republicans, especially Trump fans, are the ones trying to control everything we do, including where we go to the bathroom! Republicans think that men ought to control what decisions women can make about their bodies. I could go on, but I won't.


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