Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Thanks for the Subsidies

Kind of like thanks for the memories.  Except I don't much like my memories.

I just tend to think that rather than demand that America cover my healthcare and pittance of a pension (social security), I feel it more appropriate to thank those who pay for this.  If the world weren't insane, none of this would be as it is.

People are mean and crazy and mostly not given to logic and reason, with no internal    checks and balances on greed and jealousy.

So we run around the block to cure diseases, funding the middleman charity which has a vested interest in the disease being perpetually treated, not cured.

Things slowly move along when it comes to personal freedom, disease cure or more effective treatment. They do progress though, in spite of all.  Eventually.

I do not want life to be brutal.  My choices and defects have made me vulnerable to such things.  And the odd illness just about guarantees trouble if I don't take certain measures.  But none of that is anyone else's fault.  I can't in good conscience go scream and yell at rich people to "pay their fair share".  I am sure they pay plenty.  Many hire people and they pay, too.  I pay.  But I take, too.

It was the law.  Now, I don't know but I have already been domesticated.  So throwing me into the world to fend for myself is probably going to be more unpleasant for me than if you keep me on the dole.

But I wouldn't blame you.  I'd figure something out.  Or else I wouldn't.  60-40 in favor of would.

I think maybe the whole thing is a game.  Not sure.  Either it is an elaborate plan to enact a clandestine form of euthanasia, or else it is just another opportunity, like ACA1, to reward certain entities in a bill so convoluted, only the beneficiaries know for sure.  Maybe different cronies this time.  And people will be freaking that they will lose what they have.  I suspect some last minute trickery so that little changes.  What I have heard seems bizarre.  Another "savings account"?  Like social security?  Best kill off the boomers for that to be useful.

What a racket.  And what a shame that people are all being ugly.  Don't bite the hands that feeds you. And don't be screwing with the kitchen help--or no telling what you'll get fed.
That's reality.  It doesn't mean it is all morally right.  It really is not. Moral corruption is what has caused the world to be poor and miserable, for the most part.  If that needs explaining, just forget I ever said it.

So, anyway.  I am skeptical of the sustainability, and ultimate quality and availability of healthcare under proposed system or the present one.  However I am ever in your debt for what subsidies you've provided. Unfortunately, I think insurance is still way ahead of the game, and your subsidies may be pure profit to them.  That's a twist.  Couldn't afford it without you, yet even with a rare disease, I am paying as much as I am using, and you are just paying.

True, though, all that could change instantly if I progressed to other med.  Then you be paying like 100k a year for stuff that seems like it ought be a bit cheaper. Who knows. FDA probably accounts for a lot of that.  Some of this stuff has minor side effects. Or few people suffer those.  At least up to a point.  Right now, your forced subsidies to me provide some vague peace of mind in case it goes south. But I suspect they will try to mouse me if it gets expensive.

The sicker you are, the more games they play trying to not pay up or cover the logical treatments/medications.   You get too fatigued to navigate the mess and play advocate for yourself.  So you die, is what I think they count on.  Otherwise why deny the obvious and typical treatments?

It happens.

Thanks.  Love and kisses.  Keep it up.  I will endeavor to make you proud.  Especially those of you who did not yell or throw bottles at horses while stopping traffic.

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