Friday, September 22, 2017

Reminiscent of Rosie. yay

Reason number whoknowswhat why I avoid watching too much news.  I'll read some, but not too much of that, either.

The biggest annoyance to me re Pres. Trump has always been his pettiness in public feuds or disagreements.  I remember when he and Rosie O'D were publicly feuding.  It garnered each of them attention, and it gave me the creeps.  Both of them gave me the creeps.  Each had to respond to the other with a lower, more meaningless cheap shot.  Zero class, all around.  That's the irony of Alec Baldwin's impersonation of Trump on SNL, he is basically playing himself, classless, base, petty, and annoying.

But, yay, the Donald brought the hobby of public insult to the presidency.  That's got to work well.   I do not disagree that Kim is a deranged despot.   But is a public feud on the same level as the Rosie feud really constructive?   I doubt it.

Much of what he said to the UN was fine with me.  It is a phony institution.  A mockery of reality and truth.  He was right to call them out for having terrorist states on their Human Rights council--or whatever it is called.

The United Nations is one the world's foremost money laundering operations.  The corruption is fairly transparent.   It's a joke but someone is profiting.   Powers that be and the largest of monied interests know no national boundaries or loyalties.  The UN is a useful tool.

Despite the dubious gravitas of the UN, I see no benefit in calling out psycho dictators and taunting them like an obnoxious child with name calling.   If the people of N.Korea don't want the system they have, they could change it. Maybe they are unaware, or the army is trouble.  Why don't they revolt?  Maybe too weak and hungry.

I also disapprove of presidents engaging on a personal smear war with networks they chastise by name.  I know they are all over him with anything they can dream up, and that there are different standards depending upon what serves their purpose, but the whole cnn war and all that is not needed.  Let others do that.

When you are president the personal nonsense is not needed.  It is bad for the office.  Obama did it with Fox and with getting in the middle of incidents without knowing the facts.  He weighed in before investigations were conducted, and often in defiance of actual facts.  Trayvon case was one such, so was the thing about a professor being questioned by a cop while drunk, breaking in to his own house.  Obama was wrong.  But he at least did not have Rosie wars.  Not to say he was opposed to ridicule as a tactic.  He wasn't.

I think they all have gone to the dark side, the Alinsky school of public discourse.  Ridicule, play the mindless bandwagon mentality of people, and repeat the lie you want believed over and over and over, despite any contrary evidence.

So, in short I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the UN charlatans taken aback, and called out for being hypocrites.   But, the easy personal attacks on N. Korea's boy wonder were stupid and beside the point.  And that just added to the mindless press reaction.   As much as I despise the standard news outfit slant, and their reactions and reporting, I get a little angry at people who self lampoon in a way sure to kill any credibility a legitimate viewpoint would have.  Plays right into the totalitarian loving left's hands. Referring to the president's compulsion to create controversy over nothing, and to walk into obvious little pr traps boldly laid out in broad daylight by his alleged enemies.

I have yet to figure out why they are so enamored with an all powerful, all knowing state having total power over our lives.  There is a limit, I would think.

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