Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Another Edition of What Hermits Eat

Let me start with a side note: I wish I ate everything, like pig entrails and such. I would show pictures and describe just to offend hold overs from the Dark Ages who insist that religious insanity become a pain in the ass to everyone else in the world. I'm so sick of it .
On all sides, to some degree, but why pretend? I am way more sick of it on one side than others. The main redeeming quality of any religion is if they give you ganja and/or have fertility rites of the fun variety. Beyond that, I've had it.

So, I come into possession of the secret seasoning, made by the One Wolf in the Great Lakes area. The wolf is a howler, so beware. But that sucker makes some kind of general rub for all food, even non carnivore food. It was suggested it might work for eggs.

Alright!, I said, I forgot breakfast so I'll have it for dinner--now that I am back home and it is 99 degrees on South Grade road. Heat from the hot plate be damned!

I learned how to make omelets from an article in the paper maybe 30 years ago. I was married. Poor her. What a shame. Sorry, I am going through another period of remorse about that, all over again. Makes me mad and sad and confused.

Anyway, Paul Newman wrote out how to make an omelet, and he was right. It is easy and no one anywhere makes better.

I chopped up green and red bell peppers, spinach, and sliced sharp cheddar. I chopped all but the cheesef real fine. Recently I caught part of Julie/Julia and was doing my Julia Childs chef school chop. Sounds gay. You fix my dinner and fix it as well, then you can have an opinion. Julia was macho, and so am I. I showed that spinach and those peppers who's boss. Little grains of sand sized stuff, almost.

[haven't got the phone photo thing down yet. Not clear on this phone how to zoom in and out. Makes for blurry work]

I put the Wolf seasoning in the egg along with the finely chopped stuff, then the cheese on top when it started cooking. I put it in the hash browns, and a little more on top of the omelet.

Oh, and I had a couple of those picture of bacon soy substitutes. To me they taste great. I fold the omelet in three so the stuff won't fall out and it fits on the plate. Also, Paul was a three-fold omelet proponent. I sometimes just do the in half routine, especially if it is only a two or one egg deal. The one pictured is three large eggs, from hens with beaks. Happy chickens, happy eggs. It's in the Bible, or should be.

The Howling Wolf, lone or one wolf, makes some great seasoning. It is secret and only those who can commune with the wildest of wild life are able to cop this substance. That would be me. Never mind that others may have been involved. I say it is not coincidence. It is the call of the wild. Exactly what that means I have no idea. I think that happens just so wild knows you still have a pulse, and haven't gone over to the Dark side--government work, willing immersion into urban civilization, or the like.

I, for one, feel much jollier when I don't wait all day or even 6 or seven hours before eating. Needless to say I am rarely very jolly.

I'll need to keep track of the Wolf because I think I'll be wanting to score a lot more of this stuff. It is good and I like it, therefore it is either illegal or will be. I hope it makes children fat. Yes, I say this right into the face of you know who--royalty sans garments, so to speak.
PS: Omelet cooked in a healthy dose of butter. The real deal.


  1. I have certain seasonings that are specific to my region. I also import D'Elidas hot sauce from Panama because I can't get it here...

    Great pic. I could eat that right now!!!

    I'll look up howling Wolf to see if I can't get some. I'm sure it has to be transported across the country.


  2. We saw the guy who makes it at the state fair, where he had a booth to promote his seasonings. I told him how I at first thought it was Howlin' Wolf seasoning and he said that Howlin' Wolf never made BBQ seasoning. "Oh I bet he did!" I answered. I mean - a man in the south not making seasoning? Ha. It is to laugh.

    Then I realized he meant Howlin' Wolf had never made it commercially.


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