Saturday, August 21, 2010

Mosque Schmosque

It is interesting and somewhat nauseating to see this mosque in NY drama unfold. I see very little of use in 99% of the discussions on the subject I've had the displeasure of hearing or reading.

First and foremost it is the business of that community. Use whatever rationale you want, it is not a federal issue. People wanted Obama to weigh in on the alleged issue, and now there are even cries for George Bush to get involved. This is nothing but part of the smoke screen for things that have become federal matters, whether the feds have any right in those matters or not.

I'll bet more definite info is known on the mosque fiasco than on the health bill. I took the trouble to find out more than most people, and I still can't grasp the full scope of that bill. It certainly doesn't do what was claimed. Ever notice how they sell legislation beginning their spiel with the words, "what this bill will do..", rather than "what this bill specifically states is:..."?

Major news has forever reported everything with the conclusion that "much needed legislation" or "more regulation" must be enacted. People bought it and now wonder why things are so out of joint that you can't actually make a statement of naked truth or honest opinion without winding up in hot water. Bizarre times, and some are more equal than others even though we are all equal.

It is a matter for New Yorkers to deal with. If zoning variances are involved then they ought to to deal with it. This is where the zoning game comes back to bite. Forever they manage to change zoning for preferred customers at the expense of those who buy into an area with certain understandings in place. People have allowed it, and continued to elect the slimy grub worms who work the system. Now it may be happening in a way they don't like. Work it out NY. It is beyond my jurisdiction.

Would I want it next to my business? Unless I was selling something they would buy like crazy, No, I would not. If they did that loud speaker call to prayer action, and the city did not have the sense to see that as overstepping, I'd arrange to get the speakers disabled mysteriously.

Another case of pretense, all around. No question that this is not a center to celebrate the freedoms we once revered, or a gesture of peace and understanding. It is a way to screw with the culture, and it has worked. They may have never really intended to build anything. We shall see. It should have been but a blip on the radar and no more than that.

Once again, an issue that is not the proper purview of the national government becomes a big damned deal on both sides. I don't respect that. Whether you like the idea or not, it is irrelevant unless you live there, and even then, you have to have some legitimate stance before it holds water. Personal preference and even the knowledge that the guy behind it has an ugly agenda won't carry a case. I think scrutiny regarding the zoning would be the first place to look. Trying to force the issue based on emotion and gut feeling is a tactic that can come back to haunt you. Don't do it.

I'd park my stand out front that sells bacon burgers, and offers strippers for your bar mitzvah if I was really displeased.

Or ignore it as long as no lines were crossed. Religions of peace are tough to find. I certainly don't think these boys represent one of those. But to each his own, just don't be making your crazy ass rules the law of the land or looking for special treatment. that goes for any religion.


  1. Both sides of this issue want special treatment. The controversy could have been avoided (in my opinion) if the Muslims actually considered themselves part of the American culture and thus were sensitive to the feelings of others in the community.

    Imagine how the people calling for the mosque would react if someone wanted to build a Klan museum across the street from the motel where Dr King was shot.

  2. The Muslims are not being sensitive. Just thinking of themselves. Doing what they want.
    I totally agree with your post here......and , now I'm hungry! ( bacon burgers) yum! with cheese too, please! :)

  3. There are mosques all over the area. For the record, I get nervous people don't work themselves into our general "Culture".

    This feeling runs across the spectrum from religion, language and heritage.

    I am a pretty open minded fellow...

    Not sure what else to say without misquoting myself.



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