Monday, August 9, 2010

Proof of WHISK shakes, etc.-You do not drink My milkshake

Long awaited photos from my security cameras prove I wasn't lying about my limited kitchen facilities and milkshake making.
I am disappointed I couldn't get away with referring to the implement as a "wisk". I like that word better than whisk. However if you try to use Wisk to make a milkshake, you are in big trouble.

I drink your milkshake. I drink it up!

*****Wine Update---Here's the label you look for, and if they don't have it, tell them they need it

Of course the text under the ass may be different, as there is more than one type of wine from this outfit.

Not sure if that is Bonnie or Clyde. Those are the names of the burros they got on a rescue a donkey mission.


  1. This is a wonderful How to Eat Like a Hermit update. When is the next video to be released?

  2. next time I am hungry and the camera is running.


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