Monday, August 9, 2010

Too Much Info

Perhaps it is my destiny. I recall the strange and unbelievable story my foray into cotton dust control revealed. In short, the companies, which politicians and agencies act like they are going to fry for whatever reason--usually something stupid--are often behind the very actions being taken. They will whine publicly while pulling the strings privately. Don't be fooled into thinking we have no major textile manufacturing, particularly in the world of cotton, because of cheap labor and all that abroad. The whole thing was being orchestrated in the late 70's. I fell into proof of how that web operated. Makes no difference if you believe it or not.

Now I'm in a circumstance in which I, once again, just happen to see some things first hand which indicate that what you hear in the press, and the images very prominent people convey are not the real story at all. It does make one tend to believe there is such a thing as a conspiracy. The why of it still eludes me, but the if, how, and who sure don't. If you are one of those people who think that those who talk redistribution of wealth mean to pilfer from the rich and give to the poor, you are being duped. Wealth is and will be redistributed, but it is more a matter of shifting who controls the wealth. Mostly it will go from very wealthy to ultra wealthy, from producers to those who deal purely in money handling of one form or another.

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  1. There are other issues at play which account for the revival in efforts to stir up racial chauvinism and rivalry. Very sick things. Of course keeping people stupidly focussed on race and ethnicity does keep them voting in a block, and living with blinders on while their own freedom is eroded beyond recognition.

    It is so sad to know that so many well meaning people buy into the picture show which we are told is reality. One thing that is also becoming increasingly clear is that the Republicans want to hijack the votes of those who would love to see freedom legalized and government take a back seat in life. They may sometimes sound as if that is their desire, but I do not think so. If they really wanted to limit the power of the tyrants they would not be acting like idiots, tearing one another to shreds and never actually saying they would eliminate the irs, other wrong agencies, etc.

  2. The key to all of it is the tax structure and the power of that agency. There are many less intrusive, easier ways to rape the public, or just get a reasonable amount of tax--whichever you choose. The only excuse for this method and setup is control, and oppression of those who do not go along with the corrupt activities of government. It is also a good way for political winners to punish losers. It is as sick as the culture of the prisons in this country.

    Any politician who strays from stating the philosophy that would again enforce limits on power, and instead spouts off about how he/she would cut waste is someone not to trust. The limits of power have been violated for well over 60 years. It is not personalities that can fix it so much as repealing a million laws, and maybe putting in term limits.

    I already know the republicans want to lose because they've got Palin and Gingrich acting like they would run in 2012. Friggen Biden would beat either one if that happened, and he's a horse's ass. It'll be a cakewalk for Obama, even if we are all out of work and broke. Even if the mess in the mideast is far worse than today. Right now some numbers may indicate close races. Don't count on it. We've been had by allowing two parties to dominate like this. Neither has anything to do with a free country. Like you are going to get my vote by talking about abortion. For Christ's sake I think they should be free to some of the animals we have multiplying in this country. You know it's true--but we must pretend different. Jerry Springer nation...

    Then again, I do not think it is the business of government to be involved in abortion or any other surgery, or any drug. OK. I ranted. It won't go the way I like. So what? I'd be a coward to give in on my beliefs just because it is easier to jump on the band wagon.

    Sometimes I wish I could live 150 more years, just so I could watch things crumble, rumble, and maybe change. Most of all so I could hear people act like the obvious is some new concept. "Oh, I guess that wasn't such a good idea".

  3. Politics on both sides of the aisle are corrupt.
    My dear friend is a Senator and while he was voted in as a Democrat he is really a Republican. I know this to be a fact because he told me that was the only way he could get elected. His story is more common than you think.

    I somehow suspect absent of the media that we really live with a one party system that looks like 2 parties. I believe what I am saying to be mostly true but not 100% true if that makes any sense. There are parts I will never fully understand.

    The circus parade continues.


  4. I agree it is mostly one party playing like two.


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