Thursday, August 5, 2010

Then and Now, apples and oranges

For those who actually think there is a comparison between the Ellis Island immigrants, who came in documented, and those who come in illegally and then make demands:



People who have some connection to the time when people came here for opportunity rather than entitlement can probably easily discern a difference between these photos. Our president and many others can not.

Obviously selected photos, but the difference in behavior and attitudes, and motives I think is real. It is part of our ongoing great pretense that such realities are ignored. We ignore it in the home grown, and in the gate crashers.

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  1. My wife can trace her ancestry immigrating through Ellis Island. I think it is appropriate that we can (or should) control our borders. It is routine in every other country.

    Will there be some tragic stories? Certainly. Once the dust settles down these issues can be addressed.

    Cheers brother. Nice contrast in the photos...



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