Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Out My Back Door

For all the angst of being an unsettled rebel/vagabond/scofflaw/lover of freedom/defender of non offensive humans, it is kind of amazing in ways.

I only dreamed of living in a place like this for years. Now I'm here, and I find I tagged along. That is the only thing that slows down the process.

The phone has a tough time with dusk and night shots, but the idea is there. You really do not see any houses. Far off there are a few lights coming on in Alpine, but that is 8 miles away, as the Subaru flies---maybe 4 or 5 for the crow.

My would-be-world-dominating employer's** last guest left a new case of strawberries and much else in the fridge. They never keep anything so I had pick of raiding the goods. I get first shot. The housekeeper got an unopened thing of bacon. I was resisting buying groceries so I could waste money on bad habits and convince myself I am saving for the upcoming adventure.

Lucky me, I take what the power brokers leave untouched if it suits me. bread, eggs, dozens of yogurt whatchamacallits, and lots of produce--enough that I can again make ugly looking nourishing juice drinks. Those vegetable juice drinks make you strong and energetic. Without them I regress into mopeland.

You know you are definitely of the servant-entrance, hired help class when you can't wait to see what Mas'r left behind. Even so I see myself as something different. Although it does sometimes dawn on me that I am at that age which is hard to still call "middle aged". Even so, I don't have the soul of an oldster, and from the first time I heard the term I vowed never to accept the tag, "senior citizen". That sounds so Orwellian, like we are subjects of some state, categorized by arbitrary criteria.

I'm not quite senior anyway for most discounts, although I do qualify for some. Another of those sucker ploys people go along with. If you aren't being robbed to begin with why should a particular good or service cost less or more depending on when you were born? That is so sick. We would not need it if we did not have things like this.

But who cares? All the confusion is a voluntary maze, to some extent, and the best choice is not to enter into it. There are things to do, fun to be had. I still haven't flown a paraglider or an ultralight, haven't gone down the Mississippi in a kayak, and lots of other things that seem worthwhile.

I was doing some checking and found that one consistent theme of states without income tax is that they are usually less encumbered by debt. It is not totally black and white, however the highest taxed states are the least solvent pretty consistently. Hawaii must be really screwing up. We already knew New York and California had issues.

Looks like "fly over country" has it more together than the fly-to states. Probably because they are too busy farming, and fighting locusts, snow, blizzards, etc. to dream up the things that coastal types get into. Or they are just smarter. no opinion on that. Lots of very great people in CA. I think the riffraff have been able to take advantage of the good nature of the others, while the evil schemers get rich off the dynamic.

I just want the country to be full of easy, good looking women, people who can drive, cheap fuel, good music, and freedom. Is that too much to ask?

+++Seven states have no state income tax: Alaska, Florida, Nevada, South Dakota, Texas, Washington and Wyoming. Two others, New Hampshire and Tennessee, tax only dividend and interest income.

Mass and Connecticut have the highest per capita debt. Washington has plenty enough but I give them credit for not having income tax. It is just wrong.

Somehow Nebraska is damned near solvent in terms of almost no debt per capita. Wyoming and Iowa make up the rest of the three lowest debt states. A few of the more over regulated states are fairly low as well, like Colorado. I assume that is because they do not have just a few paying everything, like in some states. There are places which have a large portion of the population which take without any productivity, and a small group which pays. It is unsustainable, to use another buzzword I'm sick of; especially because in political speak it often means something other than what it is.

As good as Mexican food is, why do so many people want to leave that country? What has that government done to make people flee? And why wouldn't their president hang his head in shame rather than come here and act like it is a crime for us to want a little border security? You cannot approach anything honestly any more without accusations of racism or xenophobia. I assure you, in my case, it is neither. I love Mexican culture but not punks of any nation or color.

**a reference made, not because of this person's wealth, but how it is used and, to some extent, maintained and obtained.**


  1. That is a beautiful view out your backdoor, Juan. You must have some pretty amazing karma.

    The Obamacare chart is an entertaining scare tactic - visually stimulating - It's not funny, it's funny. I actually read it and followed some lines...there's so much more to grouse about. Overwhelming is the word that comes to mind.

  2. We are from Virginia and I am pretty sure we are either the most solvent state in the union or top three...We are very conservative in these parts with our money.

  3. As far as debt per capita, VA is not in the lowest debt 3. Or 4.

  4. beautiful view... once again you make me homesick (nope, won't be coming home soon.... *sigh*)


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