Sunday, August 1, 2010

Who Scrambled the Eggs, and When?

In attempting to eventually get the ever elusive handle on things I realize the tendency toward disconnect and isolation began long before I even got out of high school. It appeared as if I had lots of friends but in truth I had few, if any. There were partners in crime and self destruction but not much in the way of normal friendship. I did not recognize it when I saw it anyway.

Somewhere along the way the eggs sure got scrambled. It is astounding when I try to figure it out. Some are just born one way and others some other way. That is about all I know. It wears a person out.

There's a better shot at whatever IT is than there was a couple of years ago, but it is certainly a touch and go proposition. Wish there was a pill to fix it. Any I tried proved to create other undesirable issues.

I bet it all gets sorted out and enlightenment and energy abound maybe a day before I die. Time's running out, and it only seems right that one grow up before the end. Most likely this is just the sort of side effect one experiences when he is hopelessly ahead of his time. By definition that is not the sort of thing you can expect would be answered satisfactorily by some sort of consensus. Just goes to show that consensus of opinion means little in the long run.

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