Monday, August 2, 2010

If You Knew What I Do About You Know Who

No telling. You'd probably just carry on like you are. Or you'd be squirreling away survival supplies and dried food, looking for a safe getaway cave, learning how to make alcohol and run it in your motorcycle, or else you'd look into moving to Costa Rica, the Falkland Islands, or who knows. Most likely, none of the above.

I'd suggest finding the place whose rhythm suits you. For me, I suggest this thing. I get a beat going through my mind and for days it runs in the background of everything I do. There may be a chord progression to go with it, and it goes on and on. Really, as much as I think guitar, it would make sense if I played it. Too much of a bare bones vagabond even for that. I'm thinking of grabbing one the next time opportunity presents itself. Very hard to play, but what the hell. Good for thinking.

The thing I want to remember is that the people who made money in the gold rush were those supplying the people who were in a rush to find gold.

Somehow I think that ought to make the market slightly clearer. But the truth is the invisible hand has been replaced by the heavy hand, and unlike the invisible one, the heavy one does not follow natural law. Figuring out what the heavy hand is up to could get you rich, thrown in jail, killed, or all three.

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  1. Consume the groove my brother. I think you should learn to play whatever instrument suits you. The more instruments you play, the easier they come to you...


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