Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Beat Goes On

Finally, a song I started in Memphis is taking shape with my mountain buddies of Copper Creek--our band name. They voted down changing Creek to Creak.

Anyway it is a song reminiscent of Miami days and else. Definitely an escapist theme and less the usual pattern of my stuff which is, down and out in Hell and somehow find salvation and a way back to the land of the living.

The most recent verses of it had slipped my mind but the guys had copies of it and one had been fooling with the tune for months. I remembered what I wrote three or four years back, at least, but not the part from the last year. I actually like what was added and find I like the tune a lot. When your own song runs through your mind like other songs do, and they get stuck there for a day or two, I figure it is a good thing. Anyway, it is fun and I look forward to doing it in public. When is a question. Soon various members will be out of town for varying reasons.

I'd love to have a bunch of Caribbean percussionists on this. One of those things where you can't have too many congas and rattles and vocals. It's loose enough that it will never be done twice the same way. But I don't know what I ever do the same way except the national anthem and doe ray me scale.

Not much harmonica in the song. I may just leave it out and play some sort of percussion instead. Maybe those shaky things with beans inside.

If I did not have this small outlet for music and merriment I think I'd be in far worse condition than I am. Since I don't really think I am an ace musician, I'm always surprised when I like something I wrote as well as lots of things that I hear in the real world.


  1. Musical sauce comes out of the bottle when you least expect it. Some artists have a bottle that will never run dry. Some pour it all out in one or two songs.

    I recognize music as a sickness. I don't ever want to be well. From reading your post(s) you have the disease. I like it.

    There is no cure as it is a fantastic gift.

    I am ALWAYS perplexed at folks who "Used" to play but don't any longer....

    I would love to hear it once you are done.

    I put some guitar tracks on a few tunes for my brother this week. Other than that I have been noodling around with music I hear on the radio.

    I appreciate your writing more than you realize.

    Thank you,


  2. I don't know what makes an "Ace" musician -- especially when it comes to harp-playing -- but I know I dig what you lay down.

    By all means bring in gourds, oddball drums, maybe even a pan player! Variety is the spice of music!

    Just keep on with it, okay? Good therapy for you, something nice for our ears. Not many win-wins in life these days....


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