Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Watch as Another Group Is Suckered into Thoughtless Conformity

This country will never be "Post-Racial" until race based coercion and policies are not only abandoned but seen for what they are. And what are they? Generally speaking I would say they are vehicles for garnering votes, gaining power. Not power that somehow gives the targeted group ultimate freedom of choice and opportunity in life, just power for those who play them like fiddles.

If you assume that a person of Hispanic ethnicity must think and feel a certain way, say on immigration---that all illegals of partly Spanish blood should be made legal and given tax paid services, then I guess I should want all German-Irish-French-English-and maybe Scottish blooded people to also be exempt from whatever law ails them. I should ferret out any and all situations which might appear disadvantageous to "my people" and blame all other ethnicities for their plight, regardless if they voluntarily and knowingly entered into the particular fray or not. Race above reason, and no deviating from the tribal consensus as dictated by self proclaimed leaders and officials.

I'm not nearly as troubled by the fact that people sneak in daily as I am by the attitude that all people of that ethnicity, whether here legally for a hundred years or fresh over the fence, are supposed to think alike and expect laws and society to conform to what allegedly benefits them without considering right, wrong, practical, possible, etc. I am always insulted when it is assumed that I think a certain way, have certain desires based on my condition of birth, whether it be my sex, ethnicity or region of the country. That is the irrational type of profiling which yields no good. Now if I went around wearing a sheet and such, a bit of profiling would be in order.

The principles which underlie a free country, and a government which cannot become tyrannical are not based on personalities or condition of birth. That is why I find it an insult to see elected officials grouping themselves in race based caucuses. If you are looking for a free state, there is no room for discriminating against or for people based on the nature of their birthday suit.

It is a money making enterprise which pulls in far more wealth to those who drive these ethnocentric groups and organizations than is commonly realized or admitted. There are also groups based on sexuality and gender (correctly it would be sex, but that word confuses people). Often there is the kernel of a principle involved but then it goes out into the realm of retribution against all others and they become groups who only want special privilege, and/or power. Just power for its own sake in many cases. Hard to resist.

To be called insensitive, racist, xenophobic, etc. because one doesn't believe in restricting anyone's rights or granting special favor based on race, sex, who you bed, or the like is completely off the mark. I find it is more a case of racists throwing that tag on non-racists. Al and Jesse come to mind.

In any case you'd not believe the trail of money and how tax codes and taxes themselves are used to help fuel that industry. In the name of the poor and downtrodden, many are gathering wealth you can't imagine, while doing nothing to really promot3e legitimate opportunity and educate for individual autonomy and success. The trick to increasing the fortune and power lies in keeping groups blocked out, separate, and seeing themselves as victims, even if the culprit is a natural disaster. We are no longer survivors of hurricanes, we are hurricane victims.

What triggered me were comments from Janet Napolitano to the Latin Caucus, or whatever it is called. Somehow I did not know such a thing existed. And I've voted for Cubans in my Florida days. She spoke to them as if it is just taken for granted that all Hispanics think alike, as if they are ants guided by some common group conscience. I'd think members of groups who are treated that way would be insulted and outraged. I am resentful any time someone pretends to speak for me and those who look like me.

In a free country where the state can only exert limited power as prescribed in their charter,where it can only control so much of life, such things would not be in existence. Those who created our constitution attempted to create that condition. No wonder we are bombarded from every direction to conform in our speech, dress, behavior, everything. The biggest enemy of the condition-of-birth group organizers, and authoritarian, would-be slave state bosses is the independent individual who thinks for herself/himself and likes it that way.

Divisive preoccupation with the type of skin you're born with leads to distrust and hatred, not love and equal treatment. That seems to me to be glaringly obvious. But, under the spell of the Great Pretense, complex rationalizations and clever methods of self loathing, encouraged by those who secretly see themselves as elite and superior, ensure that most of the truth is lost and what remains is despised.

Why do these things bother me, and what does it have to do with my life? I'm not really sure, but it feels like something closing in, and you see the behavior and attitudes of people change perceptibly. The inter racial resentment is definitely visible and punks of all stripes tend to take the growing atmosphere of tribalism as license to suspend any pretense of decency toward others. Those who seek total control of the rest of us love that. It gives them the excuses they seek to grab more and more control while never actually solving the problems they pretend to address, (which their "solutions" created or exacerbated)


  1. My wife's family immigrated through Ellis Island. She is of Spanish decent. In fact she is 1st generation American.

    English was her second language until she went to kindergarden, you would never know it by looking at her. Her Grandmother was from Spain and had green eyes and blonde hair.

    Her family believes you should immigrate through the proper chain of command.


  2. Either we or our ancestors came from somewhere at some time. Until the age of insanity the expectations were not what they now are


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