Tuesday, September 7, 2010

California Dreaming part 972010 and rambling

For awhile there I was working to keep the cabin from becoming an oven. 90 to 100 degrees in the day was hard to keep from warming the interior of the place beyond my liking. As well insulated as it is, the place does amazingly well for having no AC.

Due to some local micro climate thing like "marine layer" or who knows what, we now have nice fresh cool breezy splendor. It is extraordinary how pleasant it is. Soon enough we may get some of that Santa Ana wind, but for now it is perfection.

Officials in the utilities shell game are loathe to admit that reasons for less usage are not purely a factor of everyone being to broke to use their power. Same people who can't acknowledge the fact that we have no shortage of power, therefore no need to decimate Alpine and other communities out here in order to run ultra high voltage lines under Main Street to pipe in energy from Mexico in the name of putting GREEN energy in the mix and augmenting the non existent shortage. Thank you Arnold, you Nazi idiot scum.

That issue is such a case of hoodwinking the pubic. It is baffling how anyone could get away with it. A good case which demonstrates how government being the watchdog can facilitate fraud rather than prevent it.

A thought about wind farms: Have you ever seen one? If the wind is healthy, no turbines are turning because they can only work if it is below a rather low velocity. If it is too low they don't operate either. Aesthetically, oil derricks are much better looking. That's subjective. I think wind can certainly power things but any design which demands a narrow band of velocity is bogus.

What we have is a system which people who think they are environmental saviors blindly support at any cost. It is purely a flawed design which serves GE more than anyone else. They have made turbine blades for jet engines for many years. The blades for the wind farm style turbines require similar technology--critical balance, etc. GE makes them. The blades themselves are dandy, and a product of good technology from a manufacturing standpoint.

The overall design of the windfarm system is sorely lacking if you rate design according to how well it serves function. To continue to pump money into a system that can't operate under a wider range of conditions is pure folly. As is shown by the Sunrise Power Link scam, much of what is being done in the name of harnessing wind, being green, etc., is just another vehicle for certain interests to extract money from the public while offering them nothing new or better. Every deal which claims to be for green energy has backups using more reliable sources.

I'm glad I have no utility bill in CA. They give you one rate for the first bit, an amount that won't even minimally power a dwelling. Up from that they jump it something like double and charge more for your first units, then it jumps again. It is very hard to read and understand a bill. A friend gave me a copy to see if I could decipher it. No wonder no one has air conditioning.

The excuse for the bizarre progressive billing is to force everyone to conserve to solve the non existent shortage. Lots of people have been augmenting with solar---no shortage of sunny days here. It is one place where it is becoming a very viable alternative to at least minimize dependence on the grid. So much so that for the money the powerlink costs they could instead put solar on a rather small number of roofs, relatively speaking, and have the same amount of power for less money. I don't think They should do anything, but who cares.

I've never lived anywhere which has such climate and humidity conditions that you need so little in the way of interior air control. Bugs are minimal. Mold is minimal. Not like Florida. An energetic person could probably find ways to make a place like this cabin energy independent for minimal cost. It would mean using a little bit f original thinking and innovation--especially if you want to avoid depending on the government kickbacks you get for buying solar systems which have their stamp of approval. I think it could be legitimately cost effective without the tax paid subsidy.

Not my cottage so I won't make that a project. It does interest me though. So much of the east country hills have perfect conditions for any number of strategies to produce their own power. If wind were to be employed, something needs to be designed so it is not noisy or too big. That can be done I think.

I feel like everything I think about is beating my head against the wall, swimming upstream. It makes me cringe when I hear how Obama or any other lawyer or politician thinks "we" should power things. They kill real innovation and individual initiatives which aren't seeking government grants. Do you think they would even give a grant to anyone whose designs would threaten GE's cushy lock on wind? Wake up. They have no business in the energy business.

That's where that piece of work Barbara Boxer's opponent, Carly Fiorina lost me. She is supposed to be different but she's claiming "we need a comprehensive energy policy". She's part of the natural gas, oil gang. I have nothing against the oil industry except that it is a government partner and that spells corruption and oppressive policies against competition and individual enterprise. It is another repeated lie which people have come to believe. We do not need a comprehensive, government controlled and generated energy policy. It is their involvement that has made what should be damned near free, highly costly.

I doubt anyone could be as anti freedom as Boxer, but Fiorina appears to be John McCain in a girl suit. Not exactly Tom Jefferson.

From now on I focus purely on shoes, fashion and fall fabrics. I think that is still a subject not totally tainted by the state.

PS: I wish that Gainesville moron, Terry Jones, had never had publicity. I don't believe kissing up to any religion, but his grand standing with the Koran is idiocy, and typical dark ages religious nonsense. Freedom of religion is one thing. I'm sick of our involvement with religious states in any form. That is sort of sideways to this issue. Guys like this, while they have their rights, do nothing but fuel other idiots and create more unnecessary hysteria. Idiots.

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  1. I remember Enron holding California hostage with the rolling blackouts. Wild stuff.

    Industrial production is down. Lower consumption numbers for the utilities.

    I don't trust any of them after Enron. No way...



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