Monday, September 20, 2010

Great for West of the Rockies, but how to cool the humid east?

This company ( has a great design for A/C in the low humidity West, as their first stage heat exchanger relies on evaporative cooling for much of its function.

There must be a way to work with nature to air condition Miami without huge power company bills. The humidity is the big culprit to be overcome. These things pique my interest. Got to be a way.

Anything that decreases dependence upon the grid, government and utility monopolies, in general is a worthy thing to pursue. It only makes sense anyway. The idea is to increase standard of living at lowest possible cost.

I guess I will add it to my list of such things I ponder from time to time over the years. I am still stuck on how to design the ultimate mobility vehicle for wheelchair bound people; something that achieves access to cabinets, stairs, wilderness, etc, and hauls ass.

Or This

this guy doesn't appear to be having fun
I think his issue is more mental illness than physical disability
He's wondering how he got there, frozen with fear

Maybe this is not exactly it, but it looks closer than some powered chairs I've seen.

That is an industry which needs to advance by leaps and bounds. Due to relatively low demand it has been stuck in primitive designs forever. The difficulties daily encountered by chair bound people in conducting basic life tasks are not always obvious to those of us without the same roadblocks. The way people get treated when we think they are sick or in need may also limit imagination in this field.

Inadequate mobility machinery somewhat adds insult to injury when all about them they see technology advancing by leaps and bounds.

Just think how much easier it is to type a letter now that we have delete buttons etc. Some of you may remember typewriters and carbon paper, and what a thrill it was when white-out came on the scene.

I still think the money spent renovating buildings could have been put toward R&D to design devices that overcome the obstacles, which would serve the handicapped individual better in the long run. Ramps are good but the whole thing became ridiculous, like most public projects.

That is what it is. I'd love to figure out this engineering problem. Someone will. I research it from time to time but never have found that one answer that hits the spot and covers all the functions I think modern technology could do.

With luck, nano technology, molecular engineering in the medical field will be able to solve many of the ills which render people confined to a chair.

I hope the ultimate, kickass, 40 mph, do-it-all wheelchair design comes to me someday soon. That is a project I could sink my teeth into. It would be a fun obsession and just the kind of workaholic endeavor I need.

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  1. I think a very mobile wheelchair for the masses would be fantastic. Just saying the word "medical" tacks on about a 300% price increase. We have problems in this country...


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