Monday, September 20, 2010

West'll Get You

Sometimes I look around out here, just driving to the PO Box or wherever, and wonder would I ever be happy anywhere that did not have an escape into scenery and such like this. In no time you can be out away from the madding crowd. Of course where I live it is less than no time because I live out where people are more scarce than rabbits and coyotes. So is paving.

The legal and law aspect of the state annoys me greatly but until I make reasonable money that is no issue. Must be the way illegals feel. It is to their detriment to attempt to be legal up to a point. In the old days you weren't punished for initiative. Now you are and unless you really make it to a substantial level the process runs you ragged. If you are too poor to matter you don't see it. Very stupid way to do things.

But it is such a pleasant place geographically and climate-wise. Something about the West, its history, I don't know. It gets into you and going back to small country seems un-enticing. Somehow the world just looks bigger in the west. It starts in west Texas or thereabouts and goes from there. I miss places that did not constantly worry about fire or bears, but damn. What can you do?

At the same time I miss parts of the South and the fact that the Atlantic Ocean is not cold like the Pacific--most of the time. The beaches here, as far as the beach itself, could spoil you. They are all OK.

No doubt about it, the only way to bring inner peace is to make some dough and have the mobility and dwelling angle worked out so I can spend time as I wish in about five or six spots around the country. If I achieved that, I bet I'd spend the Lion's share in Colorado, but you never know.

The grandeur, that one might not notice unless he came in fresh as I did, is such that when you get away from the traffic and el cajon highway patrol, you can't help but believe there is much in life to grab, and that life is good whetheryou participate in it or not. I really do want to be a participant, and hope to eventually feel a part of it the majority of the time rather than just once in awhile, like now.

My landlord has a plaque by her front door, near the basket where I leave the rent. It says "joy is a choice". That's it. It fits the place and the lady of that house. I never noticed that until last week when I paid rent. I really believe that is true.


  1. I'm flying over on the 29th to see my folks, probably for the last time. I leave on the 9th. I hope we get to meet up again... and this time I want to hear you plan the harp. ;-)

  2. That is a tough thing. I hope the trip yields some peace and mutual accord with them.

  3. ooops, of course I meant PLAY the harp, not plan... geeeez I shouldn't comment until AFTER having at least my first cup of morning coffee lol


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