Sunday, September 5, 2010

Hotter Than a ...

It was 100 in the shade in Alpine today--degrees Fahrenheit. I know because I parked my car under a tree and it gives you outside temp right there near the speedometer.

Get to the coast near Pt Loma and it is in the 70's. Sometimes it dawns on me why people bother not to be poor or of overly modest means. They can afford to live in better climate, or if you are in the San Diego area, "micro-climate". I thought it a silly term at first, but the weather is different every few blocks here. It is a hodgepodge of micro climates. The smart people seek out the best of them.

Ballistic Mountain runs a bit cooler than Alpine, but 93 is not a heck of a lot of relief. Then again, if I were in Iraq or one of those places, 93 degrees would be a big relief.

I'm not in one of those places so I can't say it is a relief. Electricity, fans and a cabin with high ceilings and tons of insulation is a bit of a relief. This place was a great score and I don't forget that.

I hope Mr Big enjoys his few days at his house in the resort. It looks like he won't log a total of even three weeks there this year. When you can afford it I guess it works out. Don't fault him for being rich and having things he doesn't use. He pays people like me to keep them from falling apart and it works out just fine. If there were more people around who paid well for work and goods, I think that would be splendid. Despite the bad press, I am glad there are mega rich people around. In this case people I never see. That is the beauty of it; he's never there, and I never do my work when guests are in the place. Usually no one is there.

No question I am wanting to become obsessed with an independent project of some kind. Entrepreneurial in nature I suppose. I tend to want to avoid the word, as magnificent as what it represents is, because it has become overused and by people who think it has something to do with official authority and government. I have grown to despise authority of that sort more than ever. The tyranny of those with the guns and the tyranny of the majority are not things to tolerate.

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