Friday, September 3, 2010

Hulu Hoodoo

Since I have no cable, and the evil independent web connection guy on Ballistic mountain screws up the airways for reception of everything---my unconfirmed theory---I watch movies and such on Hulu.

They have advertisements, and in order to tailor your ad viewing "experience", they have a little thing up at the top while the ad plays which allows you to choose yes or no, in answer to the question "is this relevant to you". I often ignore it, but check NO whenever any non-profit or public service ad comes on.

So, even though I don't eat lobster, I check yes when Red Lobster advertises. I have no pet, but act interested in pet food. It matters not to me which "good cause" is using public money and free air time to pimp itself, I claim it is not relevant to me. I'm hoping this will limit the number of such things they include in my viewing experience.

I know how to stick it to the Man. Even the Hulu Man.

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  1. Good point. There is some decent programming on hulu...


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