Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I See Your Point; but It Is Like Dropping the Soap In A Prison Shower

There is not question that a double standard exists in any number cases worldwide. One glaring case is the one of what happens if you insult in whatever way any shade of Islam, as opposed to other religions.

The Gainesville guy's grandstanding does make that point. He's a small time nobody in the world of Christianity and America. A congregation of 50. But just the mention of burning the wrong book has made him famous worldwide. And it has brought very real threats that reprisals against any Americans anywhere may result.

Others can burn our flag, the Bible, make fun of Buddha, Hindus, and on and on, with, at most, only a small local reaction. Whether it is the radical element or mainstream, often indistinguishable, the Islamic world tends to overreact. Death frequently results. People died over cartoons that were in no way as over the top as some Jesus type drawings I've seen.

All religions have their radicals. But there are more people who've come out of the woodwork to condemn this guy, and from his own religion, than the entire world of Islam when it comes to contracts on authors etc. Just a thing to note.

That changes nothing. It actually paints a better picture of the reality. For this Terry Jones to actually burn the Koran and get publicity doing it is like dropping the soap in a group shower with one of those weird prison guys who enjoys initiating the innocent into violent homosexuality. Don't drop the soap, and if you do, leave it there. That doesn't make it right that prisons let this hapen or that people do such things. It is the way it is.

So, Terry, the very fact that these people are lunatics, zealots and whatever does nothing but ensure that your plan would endanger people who are already in the shower with them. Doesn't make it right. Not how it ought to be. Wait until we are out of harm's way, then have at it.

Good luck. The powers that be will never let us get free of limited wars and insanity in unworkable situations. Stability requires stable people and those who want it. Will not happen over there. Maybe not here. So, for now, your plan is just not a good idea. People will blame you for what they do. It's like getting blamed for the theft of your car because you did not lock it. It is nuts and wrong, but that is how people think.

Chances are lower that the car gets lifted if you lock it. No guarantee, just odds.


  1. I dread the almost inevitable youtube video surfacing showing reaction to the burning of the book carried out by Afghans who have captured a live serviceman.

  2. the guy should be arrested for disturbing the peace! Just get rid of the guy until after Sept. 11!!

  3. Freedom of speech carries responsibility.

    In these parts people are flying the 9/11 flag all over the place.

    You should have a chat with my Serbian friends about this subject sometime. Even the most mild mannered want them gone. The radicals? They want them exterminated and make no bones about it.

    This is the world in which we live. History will repeat itself over and over again.

    Not pretty...


  4. D--arrest a guy doing what he wants on private property because people who have not been robbed or otherwise violated want to get violent?
    Something I cannot agree with any more than I would go to that guy's church.


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