Friday, September 10, 2010

To What End, all the Manipulation?

The more I think about it, the more I feel like we've been had. Or I have.

Where did they dig up the guy from Gainesville, and why is the NY imam traveling on tax money and treated like the voice of reason? Why do they both get all this publicity ? Damn, how many were suckered into an emotional response, like me.

They had an event that drew something like a half million people to DC, and it got less publicity than one guy with a tiny church in FL, discussing burning some books at church. World wide fame. Is that reasonable? And now this other guy who is clearly equally agenda driven is given all kinds of press and treated like the last word. No one asks him why he does not call for his alleged followers and partners in faith to chill and not react. No, they just shudder while the islamic holy man guarantees there will be blood.

What is the end goal of all this manipulation? Control? Fear usually leads to the boot coming down on someone. If it is like post 911, many people eagerly welcome it, while trading all kinds of liberty. Clearly, I am not one of those.

But then, I find it unbelievable that the imam actually used the reaction to the Danish cartoons as a benchmark of what might happen. He clearly sees no need to loudly condemn as insane such reactions.

The Gainesville guy has said he's not burning anything. He got his name out there and that's good enough. That doesn't stop fear and reaction. Just that he said he might do something is enough for all the news creeps, and every other manipulator of public emotion...

I think the imam and those who kill over cartoons are every bit as wacko, or moreso, than the FL guy.

Who would have ever imagined we'd be kissing up to religious groups because they migt show their true colors and behave like dark ages lunatics? Religious wars? I'm not sure I buy it. What is scarier than a religious zealot? Great cover for whatever reality is. Keep us thinking we're dealing with a holy war of some kind. Plenty of real nut cases to front and make it seem so.

Nothing but manipulation. It gets weirder and weirder. Just because a theory involves suspected conspiracy, does not mean no evil doers have conspired. If conspirators launch a particular program of action, and someone theorizes that they did so, he is by definition a conspiracy theorist, and right. Just calling something a conspiracy theory is not a valid argument against the theory.

I have no real theory, just the firm conviction that all this religious posturing is bullshit, and the sudden concern over offending islam is a hoax. No one cares if they offend Hindus, Catholics, or Druids. I say it again; tell every country based on religion to screw off. They are by definition divisive and oppressive to those not of the selected superstition. Not one dime in aid, no schools, no nothing, and to hell with UN views on the matter. No way.,

I'm still pissed we have been so heavily involved in the mideast and other hotbeds of religious weirdness and logical vacuums for so long. I was pissed in the early 70's over this treachery. Someone is gaining, but I am not sure who. Oil companies are often cited, but I don't buy that as anything close to the true picture.


  1. Amen and amen!

    Clarity is in short supply these days. You must have gotten an extra dose originally meant for some loon in the media or government.


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