Sunday, September 26, 2010

Just the Facts M'am/and/or Sir

The Sunrise Powerlink project in California is a complete boondoggle and scam, as I've tried to explain several times here. Groups have raised money and have it being fought in courts at this point. In truth, Sempra/SDGE shouldn't have a leg to stand on. Most know that courts are often less than impartial and above board, so who knows.

Today a little get together in a Lakeside park was scheduled to raise funds, get attention, the usual. My band members own property which would be adversely affected in a number of ways, should this system of towers be built. Fire is one very real threat. There was a small fire in the area(East SD County) a few weeks ago. It got put out, lucky for 8 hikers caught in the middle of it. The nature of the land is such that fire was headed their way from all sides, no escape.

Had the proposed powerlink been in place, the aircraft which were used to dump water on the fire could not have flown in there. This would have wiped out the hikers and several nearby homes. It is easy to see on aerial photos.

OK. The thing today. Much to my dismay, and to the chagrin of some of the more active people in this battle, a guy running for Congress somehow usurped the event, making it into a campaign opportunity while pretending otherwise. He planted himself as MC, made up numbers and then acted like the big solution here was his list of tax paid programs which do nothing but move the money SDGE is trying to steal into the control of his gang.

They had a few alleged experts in various aspects of this power plan speak. Holy smoke, it turns out they are running for other offices. All of them spun a valid initiative to fight a very corrupt damaging plan into a pitch for why more tax money should be used to prop up their pet businesses. One guy proudly admitted he was involved with several of them. All "green" of course. It was a sickening display, but very instructional. This is how they play the game.

Somehow they seemed to assume that anyone opposed to the powerlink must be an environmental militant and a democrat. I assure I am neither.

It only makes sense for power to be generated close to point of use as much as possible. I even suggested that a college I attended many decades ago use the science department to organize student projects so that the end result was at least partial self sufficiency. It is not a new idea.

My motive is to free one's self from government controlled monopolies and the down time and trouble inherent in the use of overhead wires for electric power. Ice storm= lines down. Never fails.

Of course back then it was actually illegal to be self sufficient. I knew a mill that was forbidden from using their mill race and existing generator to augment their power and save money. Same people made those rules who are trying to coopt the self sufficiency ideas.

So, if you want off grid because you are a freedom loving, authority despising citizen who doesn't like complicated bs utility bills, they've set things up so you would be placed in the militant green, let's-force-everyone to-pay-and-play under-our-control statist big government, semi-socialist camp.

It's a trick. Just like today.

Oh, I couldn't believe it--this guy's supporters had tee shirts with his face printed on them in the same style as the famous Che logo, except it had his name down the side. The inspiration couldn't be missed.

Now if I hadn't been asked to play some tunes with the band, and I did not already know the inside scoop, I'd have thought this was a political picnic of some kind. I would have taken one look and kept going. In the name of "bringing awareness" and all the other happy horseshit cliches, this guy and his pals are actually hurting the cause. Out here is not overwhelmingly Obama country, so playing this game may really harm the legitimate effort. It is a very serious infringement on property rights and a big theft based on big lies in the larger scope of the powerlink. These demagogues are not a benefit in my view.

I was fascinated watching it, and watching the people just not have the cajones to make them take down campaign tables and such, and stick to the original purpose.

There are the enviro goons who make cases based on animal inconvenience that for the most part I think is made up. Too bad because the real argument is that they cannot show a need, it is a severe fire hazard in more than one way, and it will increase power costs, not reduce it. And it is set up to link to Mexican power plants using petroleum products. So wtf? Can't do it here but we can go way down there and bring it in through my back yard?

To me the best thing is to make them prove the need. Their own studies demonstrated it is not needed but the utilities board ignored that after pressure from Ahnold. and others.

See I'm bi-partisan, metro-political. I can give good cases to deport people from both parties.

Tey decided to do a march down Lakeside Main street--maybe a mile round trip--at most. No way I could convince myself to join in even though my friends did. For one thing I do not respond well to people with megaphones telling me what to chant, and I do not carry signs, except under rare occasions I have yet to experience, and I certain don't want to be associated with a candidate whose philosophy I dislike. Not to mention the goofs with the not quite Che shirts on.

Che shirts, but with Ray Lutz's face. Too much, really.


  1. You're much too kind. In your shoes, I would have been insisting (loudly) that the Che-Candidate and assorted greenies be asked, politely, to take their business elsewhere.

    I've been enjoying your commentaries. You say what I think, only with less anger. Which is probably good.

  2. I think a lot of the crowd who stands to have their property endangered and values tanked will take any politician who pretends to side with them on the issue. And many of the active opponents to the powerlink are enviromental wackos so the cut and dried regular reasoning gets diluted. It is a shame. They let him lead their march with a megaphone. Makes me sad.


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