Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Pictures of CheLutz and My Pals

Above is Lutz talking to either news 8 or 10. He was classy and did not wear his own Ray Che shirt.

Here's a guy with the Ray Che shirt. There were a dozen or more people wearing them. It has more impact when it is not pulled askew like this.

"We aren't here to make this about my campaign". Ray "Che" Lutz

Heck no. This is about that guy in the long sleeved blue shirt and funny hat!

Get yours today. Too extreme? Don't like South American rich kids who shoot people? Play it safe and express your need for an iconic charlatan to worship with a Lutz shirt


  1. The guys from Rage against the machine have been known to wear the Che shirt from time to time...

  2. I'm surprised, frankly, that so many people are living in the distant past. Isn't it time for a "Hugo Chavez" t-shirt craze? He's already got the "red" thing down....

  3. Hugo doesn't have the logo making making photo.

    Santana has been seen in a Che shirt too. I guess they never talked to those whose relatives went under his gun in firing squads.
    He waS a useful idiot to Castro because the photo made him glamorous and famous, it can be argued he was a psychopath. It is also probable that Castro encouraged his demise in Bolivia. Now he had a martyr and not a loose cannon.


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