Sunday, October 3, 2010

I Was on TV

Geez. That anti-Powerlink gathering made the TV news. Our guitar player/singer (one of them) has it on his computer. I missed the broadcast but he didn't and he has it recorded.

There I am, with the band. They don't show me long and did good for splicing two second scenes. Of course it ended up being as much about the politician who hijacked the thing, making it look like he is leading the entire effort, (which involved people researching, meeting with that official and this crook, and organizing and doing tons of stuff). Obviously, he only showed up then played big cheese. He doesn't even have facts straight and he makes up statistics and all sorts of facts.

A lady named Laura spearheaded all the aforementioned work, along with her husband and some others. She would probably be considered the actual leader of the effort. Not one you want to challenge to a battle of wits. She is the face you want on this. She just let him do his thing, and maybe supports his campaign. Who knows. Maybe she just felt fighting for control would be stupid.

Either way it got air time. If I did not know the facts, and saw the broadecast, I'd have thought "helluva harp player, bet he gets all the chicks. What's with this group of wackos. Must be more enviro nazis out to kill business and be a pain."

Too bad, because, whether for right reasons or not, the wackos who embrace it are right. As well as the non wackos. This is not a democrat or republican thing, if you allow that each may oppose sneaky theft and pillage. (I understand that both are willing to let you get abused by government for "the greater good", but they usually agree stealing and lying are bad.) It will raise power bills. It will not benefit this county at all. It is a huge fire hazard and it will kill businesses and communities in its wake.

And here it looks like I am, through guilt by association, a fan of Ray Lutz and his big government solutions. He's hard to hate because he is goofy and unphased, but I do not and would not support his candidacy. Probably not a fan of the other people in the race either. The Libertarian is closer, philosophically, but he has zero skills in the art of persuasion, or even keeping an audience awake for 3 minutes.


  1. You were on t.v. and you didn't have to kill anyone? Huh.

  2. I have a 'my band was on tv' story too. It's long, so I'll cut and paste it here. Lucky you.

  3. For most of the formative years, our band had a clarinet player who was a scientist whose specialty was non-destructive artifact dating. He went for long periods of time to places like Iran and Egypt (where he actually arranged a Christmas job for us, and being a non-parent never understood why all the parents in the band refused to just give up Christmas with their kids and go).

    Anyhow, he had friends in the artifact biz all over the globe, and when it came time for the King Tut treasures to visit NYC, we got to visit them the day before the official opening, and on the day when it opened to the public, our band set up on the sidewalk about a block away from the front door, as a line for tickets stretched for blocks and blocks.

    All well and good, but five oclock came and the LIVE shots of every television network in NYC (there were at least five) dollied in on us as we played our music in the street. Problem for me was that I had called in sick at my day job to make the gig, and was trying to play the keyboard and hide my face at the same time. Not easy.

    The reaction at work the next day was a mixture of pride and pissed-offedness and I was advised to be more forthright about my reasons for absence in the future. The treasures were absolutely gorgeous by the way, and it was fun to see them without any crowds to speak of.

  4. Sweet. I have a few teevee clips I'll have to pull out of the archives...

  5. You guys don't get it. I was not real happy about this because it implied I was a follower and supporter of some politician. There was not a harp lick in the whole thing.

  6. I've been on the news in the past and never considered it a thing worth saving.


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