Saturday, October 2, 2010

Didn't Kill Me and I feel Stronger

Finally, the long stretch of saltillo is stripped, mopped and waiting for the sealer. That part is easy. Getting it to this point was not so easy.

During the week I had to hit the southern coast to help some friends move. I'd agreed to do it and felt honor bound to keep my word. As luck would have it they had some pieces of memory foam they had to trim off so the big piece would fit their bed. I was asked if I wanted it and almost refused. I'm glad I didn't.

This stuff is thick, at least 4". One piece was a long strip, maybe 5 ft or so, less than a foot wide. I folded it over, in two, taped the ends somewhat tightly to keep it acting like a unit. I then used that as the kneeling surface, tossing the knee pads aside. Unbelievable. This is absolutely the way to go. The rest of the work went faster and with relatively no knee strain or pain. It made the wild moving effort worth the near death experience.

So, there's another tip. Get some fat memory foam, double it, tape it tight about a quarter of the way in from each end and you are good to go for any tile work or other floor stuff that demands you be down there where the action is. I've seen people use other types of foam in slabs and such, but I've never tried anything as good as this. It doesn't get in the way or make trouble either. Is it washable? I don't know. We'll find out.

I figure it is like a sponge, hose it off, squeeze it out, and let it dry in the sun

I still think the Tile Labs brand stripper/cleaner from Home depot is the way to go if you don't want monumental fumes and are willing to scrub as you go to save time. So far I am pleased with the job.

G1, the Memphis guitar player with whom I had much conflict in distant days past, has been in contact. Strange thing, just recently I was reflecting on the fact that I could have avoided much of the discord and unpleasantness all that caused in my life. I actually owe the guy a lot and regardless of things that did not sit well with me, I'd rather be a friend than not. Just have to accept that some people have limits on how you trust and communicate. I expect I am not the only one who changes nuances in outlook over the years, but who knows.

Anyway, today I got a box with some copies of CDs I'd played on back in Memphis. Sent by G1 since I informed him I've given away my last copies of these things. This time I'll let people have burned copies but I'll keep the originals. Some of that stuff is not bad. I can tell where I have changed and where I think my playing has improved. Although there are moments on these Cds which seem about the best I could do at that particular spot. It is as much what you play in a give interval as it is anything else. You can be the fanciest virtuoso ever and the guy who knows what to put where is going to outshine you. In my book anyway.

And My Book is just full of such things. St Anthony found my phone for me today, and my glasses yesterday. Don't tell me the patron saint of lost causes and things ain't real. I refuse to even consider such a thing.

Listening to the recordings caused me to realize just how much I learned during the Memphis experience and from the current music group. I am far more confident and maybe competent than ever. Grudgingly I have to admit, I learned a great deal from G1, and he is a good guitar player.

Heard the original drummer is now playing with an offshoot of the old band and that makes me happy. His parting with the group was not done well. I was opposed but not in the place of power. It is complicated but comes down to; you keep your word with people or you don't. Some didn't. My problem is that I liked all the drummers and such that played. I had issues with other matters and sometimes it wasn't worth it;.

By the way: dear neo klansmen and others who somehow tie Christianity into neo anti semitism and such. Jesus was a friggin Jew. So were his parents, his friends, and if he had a dog-- his dog, too. So what sense does it make to blame Jews for tackin the boy up? Romans did the deed and now they're in the thick of the whole Church thing. I'm sorry but your logic don't gel.

That's all we need, more people declaring holy war. Fortunately not many Christians are on board with it, and nothing in their Book condones it, as far as I know. Although the Bible is a bloody book, when everyone's not having sex.
Got to quit reading the comments when someone directs me to a youtube video. You get the most sickly unrelated garbage in comments there.

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