Thursday, October 14, 2010

If So Many People Weren't Incapable of Reason, Would I still Feel Smart?

Or would I just find civilization a less frustrating place?

Being able to reason and being smart are actually only partially overlapping sets. There are very smart people who do things which are not very useful in the long run. Many of them like to do things with goods, services, and money that are not theirs or voluntarily given.

In the long run, that is a detriment to all as it causes conflict, pain, and ups the cost of living directly and indirectly. That is what a lot of people can't figure out. When you take time, labor or property from others at point of gun, it is a bad thing. Some may even consider it immoral.

Populations which orchestrate or acquiesce to their own enslavement in various forms are quite common, and that can't be good. Can it? According to all kinds of very well spoken, intellectual, and affectedly rational people, it is good.

Is it possible that a thing is wrong or an erroneously reasoned idea if thousands believe it and only one or two don't?

The arrogant title implies that I am capable of proper reasoning. That is not always true, so I thought I should admit it.


Sometimes, as I drive toward home from either Descanso or Alpine, a vista will appear as I round a curve or crest a hill that knocks all the anxiety, fear and pessimism right out of me for a least a few minutes. I think it is the sudden nature of the scene. View is just right and you hit it at the perfect time of day, whamo.


  1. This is why I spend a lot of time on the beach or mountain or with my nose in music...

  2. Having seen your abode and its surroundings, I'd be surprised if you didn't feel this way.

    You're very capable of proper reasoning. When you agree with me, anyway....

  3. "sudden nature" - funny, it's been there longer than you. You're the sudden one. You do have vistas. Whamo!


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