Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Uh Oh. Looks Like I Will Have To Visit NH

Through one site or another I found myself transported to a thing called

It appears some very strange things are going on in and about Keene, new Hampshire. Even some of their cops are involved. From what I read, so far, people who think government is ruling by force have located themselves in the region. They pretty much don't cooperate with things they deem out of line. They are peaceful but annoy the hell out of feds, tax people and anyone who uses force to restrict behavior in the form of victimless "crimes" and the like.

They encourage non state controlled education and even contribute funds toward such things, to help families afford it. They also run around town and drop money in parking meters if it looks like someone is running out of time---so that the person won't be fined. I've done that myself when the spirit hit me, and I had a quarter. It was worth the money to prevent the ticket, even to a stranger.

It sounds like a lot of these people somehow went from thinking government was the big answer to seeing it for what it is, force.

In any case, it sounds like, and looks like, a fun place. I'm not sure I wouldn't do well there. At this moment, I sure am curious to visit. Too bad it is in the northeast, in yankeeland. But, I figure you get into some of those areas and maybe it is OK. Can't say I've ever been drawn to Connecticut or Mass, but maybe I am wrong. Doubt it. This enclave appears to be a different culture, though not too far from Boston and all that. Alpine is not that far from Los Angeles but the place is like a different country, so there you have it.

Anyway, it is interesting to see people who are not hateful or violent beginning to realize that freedom may be a good thing, and that it is becoming a rather elusive condition.


  1. drop money in parking meters

    I can't do that now because they put in those meters that take credit cards. There's only one meter a block and you don't know how much time someone has. We also have the ones that re-set to zero as soon as the car leaves. Jerks.

  2. I 100% guarantee that town has some very good lawyers who are wizards at constitutional law...

    I have to read more about the place. Once you hit NH, VT folks are quite friendly.


  3. No telling what's up there. Hard to imagine not being here at the same time, and here they never heard of the Constitution.

  4. Keene was first stop on my long solo cross country trip as a student. College friend came from there and BG has relatives there.

    Weather and other stuff permitting, we may go there around Thanksgiving.

    Oh, and the second leg of my solo cross country was Martha's Vineyard. It was a neat trip.

  5. I read this interesting article this morning:

  6. Interesting and slightly off base from what I've seen. Especially regarding sdge's scam. It is not a done deal yet, and it will kill much business. Sidewalks are not the point.
    Many do resent the growth on the east side, though.


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