Sunday, October 10, 2010

San Diego--home to the oddest sports teams in the nation

Both my teams, the SD Chargers and SD State Aztecs, have mastered the art of letting lesser teams win, even while outplaying and out-classing the crummy opponent. It must be something to do with geography and the never ending springtime weather.

I can't figure it out. The Chargers have a QB who has all the qualities of a guy who can win against odds. Besides his obvious skill, he has heart. I hope he doesn't go the way of Dan Marino; tacking up great stats but never winning the big one. I'm not sure Marino even made it to the Super Bowl.

The difference in Marino and Rivers is that Phil is a product of NC, a southern boy from a worthy state, and he does not rag on his team every time a pass fails to complete. He should be winning. But you can't do it when you get 2 punts blocked in one game, and fumble 3 times, even though I still maintain the last one was an incomplete pass--arm in motion. Makes me wonder if the NFL hasn't been taken over by fixers and hoodlums.

I've never lived anywhere where the teams managed to lose as many games that they are winning in every way but the final score. It is very strange and typical of a Chargers or Aztec game. I think they must be drugged by evil doers before certain games.

In the past I had favorites who lost the old fashioned way--they just weren't that good. These guys lose in new and creative ways to lousy teams. It's crazy.

Fortunately I do not get too excited or upset. After all, the guys on the team are the ones making big bucks. Losing sleep and self flagellation is their job. That's what they get paid for, caring whether they win or lose. Just a game but one that only the best of the best ever get to play at this level, and one that should offer a shred of inspiration--I stop short of suggesting they are, or should be, role models. For one thing, many get into lots of trouble, seem to have no known first language, and many of them act like arrogant idiots every time they do their job well. I miss the Larry Czonka approach. In the main, I would not hold these people up as role models for a son.

I think the idea of bigger than life celebrity role models is flawed anyway. Let your kid strive to be a creative engineer or an honest person who carries honor into any endeavor. Fame is usually a false goal and that path leads to mayhem and disappointment. If one becomes rich and famous, fine, but let the role model involve principles regarding behavior and character, or some such.

So, how do we break this San Diego sport team syndrome? Maybe I'll have to step up and take over the management of these organizations. It may be their best option, however I am not saying I am or am not available for such a project.

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  1. Norv Turner. End of story. I know because I'm a Redskins fan (Suffering I might add).


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