Sunday, October 24, 2010

They're Related to Bears

The sceintific name for this animal family is obnoxiousus pushius bastardium. Just like bears, raccoons have absolutely no respect for boundaries.

I've been hearing noises outside. Clumsy rummaging sounds. Then I discover, this morning, that my garbage can had been overturned and gone through. At first, I suspected government agents.

Yikes. Having trouble with browsers and the whole story got zapped. Switched from safari to firefox. Maybe it will work better. Been having connection trouble too so who knows.

I'll recreate it: All I saw was the tail. It seems a large raccoon tipped over my trash can. I found it that way this morning and heard it tonight. I ran out in time to just glimpse the tail as it escaped. Pushy bastard.

I sprayed upholstery cleaner all in and around the can, dumped liquid dishsoap in, on, and around the can as well and tried to get the lid snapped as tight as it goes. It is old and doesn't snap all that tight.

Hopefully it can be deterred or otherwise made to cease the raids. I'd say execute the thing but I fear that could bring trouble in this state. That guy who posted 'possum abuse on youtube did time I think. PETA saw to it. Raccoons and 'possums are people too, after all.

I'm usually nice to animals, and like many of them. But I have no use for demanding disrespectful creatures. You don't see me going through their stuff, making a mess of things. Maybe some nasty bug spray in there will help.

It's the juicer refuse and all the year old leftovers I finally threw out. It ignored the vegetable pulp and stole the old pie and things that could no longer be identified. Most was in those little grocery bags which were tied off. Not good enough.

It would be really cool to have some electronic thing that waited until the critter had its nose in the can, then an image suddenly lit up and screamed, like those creepy email videos that show a scene and tell you to watch closely, then while you are concentrating this crazy face jumps out and scares you. I doubt the raccoon is online or I'd get its email and send one of those.


  1. Does your garbage can have handles? Strong shock (no, not that kind of shock - bungee) cord from handle to handle over the lid should solve your problem. If it has no handles drill two holes in opposing spots and do the same with the cord.

    Why do you think the darlins' were given bandit masks?

  2. Good idea. I found a bungee cord just the right size. It is attached and pretty secure.

  3. The lil darlins have bandit masks so you can't identify them in a police line up

  4. but they are so cute!

    do you have a facebook account? Go read my newest entry.... someone was looking for you there.


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