Thursday, November 4, 2010

Some Say The Problem is Too Many People

I'm somewhat neutral on that assertion. I do think the too many people in one place can be an issue. Population density of any species usually makes for trouble. That's why it puzzles me that most public policy generally discourages spreading out, while encouraging density of population. I've noticed that here in San Diego county. East county, where I live is sparsely populated compared to what it is fifteen or twenty miles west and on in toward the coast.

Various issues come up which seem to target these outlying communities as sacrificial lambs. The powerlink project is one of those. With all the alternative routes possible, and even when their own studies show the present plan as among the poorest alternatives for accomplishing the same thing, the plan which has the best chance of gutting some of the communities is the one they choose. Possibly coincidence, probably not.

The back country is not a culture which demands or needs a lot of control. People own guns and build minor structures such as sheds without seeking permits. They are big on organizing charity events and often still have the old fashioned compulsion to look out for their neighbors. They also tend to tailgate and drive foolishly on winding dirt roads, but that is universal throughout the county and beyond, from my experience.

Personally, I think my own world is too sparsely populated. Once upon a time t may have been otherwise. This is a scary period I'm in and the only way out is to be tougher than is comfortable. Do whatever can be done even if I feel like a zombie and doubt my presence of mind to accomplish the specific task.

Wish I had put all the money I had in gold and silver when I first thought I should do that. I'd be cashing out by now probably. I wonder where one is best off stashing any savings they have? Most funds proved to be a black hole in the last few years.

Maybe there are too many people. How do you know if you are one of the troublesome surplus or one of the OK to be here folks?

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  1. People will continue to make more people and don't seem to ever stop. We live longer and will eventually deplete the earth...


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