Monday, December 20, 2010

Another Passing Thought

It makes zero sense for Subaru to advertise that if you buy a new 'ru, they will donate something like $250 to each of your five favorite charities. They call it "giving back". I call it grandstanding with my money and getting a deduction for tax purposes.

Wouldn't it make more sense to just drop the price by a thousand bucks? (they are playing on people who finance for long periods--only pennies a day more) I like the product but they sure do market to people who are not of my mindset. I do not believe that I take anything such that I need to make a scene and claim I am giving back. I do what I do. Hopefully, whether money is involved or not, my efforts are a benefit.

The best service to this community is the grocery store that is 8 instead of 11 miles or 20 miles away. Do they now need to "give back?". Their prices aren't any higher than stores in town. I think they have already "given to the community".

There are a lot of non-sensical buzz phrases going around lately. People think they are giving back if they do the civil thing and don't leave someone bleeding in a ditch by the side of the road. I mean that figuratively--and literally.

So, I have no plan to buy a new Subaru and when I do, I hope they just don't take it up front to begin with so there won't be that need to give back.


  1. I concur with that line of thought. Tax write off for Subaru plain and simple...

  2. The purpose of a corporation is not to give to charity. Charge a fair, competitive price and return the profits to the shareholders, who can decide if they want to donate to charity or by beer. I don't want my money donated in my name.


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