Monday, December 20, 2010

Passing Thought

While I was trying to navigate this place, I noticed that one of the links on the top of my page says, "report abuse". My first reaction was to click it so I could report the behavior of the El Cajon Highway patrol a year and a half ago, and thought maybe I coud turn someone in for abusing Workman's Comp.

I was wracking my brain for instances of abuse--against myself and others. Then I thought, "Does self abuse count?". I've been in the employ of what I consider abusive companies. Many of the people in high places where I've worked were abusive in their way. Many in low places were abusive as well. Of course, I was not the victim all the time. Usually, others were more the victim and I was an uncomfortable witness. There are times the victim prefers you stay out of it because a job may be on the line and a busy body can queer the deal.

So, I chose not to click it. If you ask me, strangers tempting you to report abuse is probably a trap. I bet that if you click on that and start shedding light on abusers that they will just abuse you for it. Like when you call the cops in Miami to report a safe in the alley behind La Carreta, across the wall from your hovel. By the time it was all over I wished I'd managed to get the thing open, or at least said nothing. They wasted my whole night, and I had far better prospects for my time, I can tell you.

That was abuse.

They may as well re-title the damned link, Pandora's Box--click this to unleash all hell on your life.

another passing thought: if you are sending out a series of cards or letters and you don't check off the list of places to be targeted, you may end up wondering if you sent this one or that one. You won't know which ones, if any, were left out. Then again, it keeps life interesting and full of surprises when you hide the facts from yourself in this way.

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