Monday, January 17, 2011

Ask Not What I Can Do For You, Ask What You Can Do For Me

That's a version of how I interpret the Kennedy line that gets all the airplay. It drives me nuts when a line like that is not examined. News people and others simply gasped in awe, and repeated the words as if they were a prayer just then set in stone and handed to them by God himself/herself/itself. In the case of the people to whom I refer I would guess God is pictured in human form wearing old clothes from a couple thousand years ago. And it would be a he, and He'd speak in Olde English. (Isn't that a furniture polish?)

Anyway, that line about ask not, I take for code--ask what you can do for your government.

Not in the same league with "Give me liberty or give me death!" For one thing the JFK line is telling you what to do. The Patrick Henry line is speaking for himself. Huge difference.

It's more of the same tripe that has been around for eons to get the meek to stay in the herd, under the control of the few, the proud, the sociopathic elite.

I know, this may sound nuts and like wild ranting, but it is actually true.

They've got people thinking that "service" only includes government work, and work you do for non-profits (even if they pay you) and things you do for organized community projects--like draw big apple people to promote healthy eating.

The idea is that you owe the collective in all things. It is working. Maybe not on me. I believe true charity and acts of kindness, for its own sake, are only pure if I do not have a big audience, government approval, or draw attention to myself in the process.

Oh man. I caught a little TV news here and there. When you are away from it for awhile, the constant tone of fear and helplessness stands out. That is coupled with the implied idea that everything that happens which is not pleasant makes you a victim, and that government can fix it, or "make them pay". They being the people who made that sidewalk where you fell off your skateboard, etc.

I'm surprised the entire country isn't in much worse shape than it is in, considering the nature and volume of entertainment consumed by all ages.

Seriously, friggin porn is probably in the healthier 50% of what people watch (video games included). And that is kind of bizarre, really. But, once again, I think it is true.

OK. I'm freaking myself out. I can't pretend what is true is not, though, so too bad.

I just became a little overloaded with issues which fall in the Big Pretense file.

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