Sunday, January 16, 2011

Movie Review


Salt is a movie, allegedly. It should be an acronym for Sucks A Lot, Truly

This is a movie about a cougar who is involved with the CIA, the ex Soviet Union, a spider man, and she runs around beating and being beaten for over an hour, and the movie has neither middle nor ending. It is no more plausible in plot than casting Angelina as a 25 year old is credible.
Maybe she is allowed to be 30 in this. No, I think you are supposed to think she's twenty something. Her husband is a twenty something, I think. The guy who played Wally on the Beaver was probably older than this guy when he was still playing a high school kid.

If you like theater of the absurd, this is for you. It almost could have been good, but to do that, everything would have had to have been done differently.
Rename it Revenge of the Cougar, and make other changes from there.

It's like watching the middle twenty minutes of a thirty minute temper tantrum. If you've seen the trailer, you've seen the movie.
You'd expect better from the big names.
Yea, I buy it when Angelina drops thirty feet onto a semi traveling 70 mph and when she hangs on to the side of another truck by her finger tips. I wouldn't have bought these stunts even when she was the age she is playing here. They are just over the top stupid stunts. And I'm one who can suspend skepticism easy to buy any story. I do it in my own life all the time.

Really really bad for the money they put into it.

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  1. If there were more movie reviews like this one, I'd read more movie reviews....

    Since I don't go to movies often -- well, almost never -- I'm always happy to have someone whose opinion I trust tell me I didn't miss anything!


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