Thursday, January 13, 2011

Digging Alpine

It must work along the lines of the old adage that possession is nine tenths of the law. Even though the SDGE issue is still in the courts they are proceeding as if it is all settled. This s regarding the powerlink project which involves a gerrymandered path through east Sand Diego county to link Mexican power to California.

It's painted with the sacred word, "green", because they claimed that it would link a solar project and wind energy from the desert. The solar thing is dead; the company went belly up, and their design and concept was seriously flawed from the start. In this case the logical use of solar would be at the point of usage--on buildings and houses, not a hundred miles away transported through wires on towers. The wind is not very effective since it only works for a narrow band of wind conditions. Besides, they are in the courts because the Indian tribes are not pleased with proposed construction through burial grounds.

The Mexican connection is well documented--not propaganda put out by the disgruntled. The company that owns SDGE also has holdings down there in the form of power plant projects on the border. Got to be a better way, but rather than seriously think about it people assume that government and sanctioned monopoly, using eminent domain, is the only choice.

Anyway, they are already digging up Alpine Blvd., causing traffic delays and impeding access to businesses. It is a sad sight, but these things happen when people are fed misinformation and don't know what hit them until it is too late. I consider it another of Arnold's legacies to California. He turned out to be a wannabe despot, who appears to think benevolent dictatorship is a desirable thing. Listening to him it became clear that he has no more concept of what a constitutional republic designed to protect individual freedom means than do the ladies on the View.

I'm glad I do not have a shop or small business anchored in Alpine or any number of areas out here. Next thing will be when they start construction on Ballistic mountain. Goodbye cell signal, such as it is. And pity the homeowners. I do not think it will help property values; even SDGE admits they do not know the consequence to the water supply, and claim the fire hazard is "unmitigable".

So, here we go. I guess I have to realize I can't live in this spot forever. For one thing I only rent. For another The construction is not likely to be without consequence, noise-wise, and concerning traffic up and down the hill.

Maybe the court proceedings will not take forever and it will be stopped before too late. Chances look slim, considering that they are already tearing up roads and annexing private property. All for the greater good, allegedly.

Oh well. What can you do? These things make it tough to come in from the fringe when your starting point is like mine. Vagabond for life, I guess.

But I still have today with no need to pack up, so I'll just work to change what needs it in my own life. That covers a lot. And it is not at all easy. If I do not change a number of things, the consequences could be grave. A normal person would find the things I need to do a piece of cake. For that reason I often regret being not so normal.

The most bizarre fact of all is that they have never actually established a need for this, considering there is actually a surplus of electricity is this area and demand is not growing.

Care should be taken before supporting the tyranny that shrouds itself in a green cloak, or pretends to be a savior of the earth itself. Behind the claims there is often no substance supporting the facade, and a lot of people get hurt.


  1. Re-gentrification can be nasty...

  2. wow....if I was to be able to put out words like this ( your post)

    people would wonder 'what happened to Sunny?!'

    You have an amazing mind, John!

    Also, I'm in the to move or not to move mode ( again) Situations pop up when we least expect ~
    Take care ~

  3. Fij--there's no gentrification or re-gentrification involved.

  4. Sunny-I hope whatever happens is for the best. FL is not so bad, especially your area.

  5. Yup ~ and I do love it here, sooo much. Today is a new day and my mind is made up: I'm stayin' here, same place same station!


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