Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thought of a New Word, or so

There are some areas of the country--certainly some communities in CA--which have rules (or groups pushing for them) regulating when and if one can use his/her/its fireplace.

I was thinking a good word for a fireplace activist would be PYRANT

Maybe the current trend toward taking literally what your intellectual adversaries mean figuratively, and using it against them in public and political discourse, would be called LINGUISTICUFFS
---and I suppose a person who engaged in such activity would be a LINGUGILIST(from pugilist, etc)

I have no idea why I thought of those things.

Now I'm wondering if the Fred Phelps crew could most politely be called FAGNOSTICS. Polite is not easy to muster when dealing people who pretend to speak for God so they can cause misery and difficulty for others. It is a radical case of people who place themselves in the judgement seat, unasked and uninvited, so they can avoid ever having to engage in any serious introspection. Sick pups. Basically aberrant humans. If only they'd go on a kool aid binge... (can I say that? or will this land me in hot water?)
Guess we'll stick to "useful imbeciles". How so many people can be nuts at once and in the same family could most likely be due to inbreeding, and cross breeding of the inbred.
Big question is: Who funds them? I'd bet it is someone who wants to silence legitimate dissent. They'll keep pushing with their atrocious abuse of free speech until measures are taken. And those things rarely stay confined to the context of the original target.
If there are enough like-minded people around to bankroll that outfit, Yikes!

I mean, if I was into racial strife and wanted to fire up people to feel threatened enough to run toward kkk and the like, I'd do all I could to promote the New Black Panthers, especially ones like the guy who hates every iota of a cracker. And vice versa.

The westmoron group is planning to hit the area to protest a high school play in Coronado. WTF?
The Navy SEALS train in the area. Old Fred and his daughter/wife/cousin/sister and the rest of the family tree best be careful.
And they wonder how anything like the Spanish Inquisition ever gained momentum---people like that are out there, and even get shown on TV.


  1. Nice linguistics there. They all sound great, even if you can't say lingugilist with a mouth full of marbles.

  2. You could choke if you had a mouth full of marbles and tried to say much of anything. I'd be worried about one or two slipping down the pipe and getting stuck

  3. Wow ~ whew ! well I had fun reading this!

  4. Those seals wont bother them...Too easy of a target. They train here as well...

  5. Freedmlvr says,

    Those cool neologisms of yours are called "portmanteau" words. ;)

  6. I would think them a bit narrow for the classification portmanteau. But, what I don't know is a lot


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