Tuesday, January 18, 2011

If You Had Any Money Where Would You Put It?

It seems that one should be able to invest with very little, then reinvest and eventually have something other than a headache. I actually have no idea where, if I came into a few dollars, which could happen, I'd invest it.

Buy Asian? Or some other solvent continent or country. What the hell; does that mean?

Maybe I'll invest in ski masks and tools and just rob banks as needed. No I won't. Do not come to my door to arrest me. It was drama.

Even so, I feel like I should know this stuff but I find books and such on the subject so boring I fall asleep immediately. They aren't that bad to some people. I just can't get with it. Not like I don't get math or any of that. I do.

So let's say someone was going to use 1 or 2K and see what happened. You could carry the precious mettals it would buy in your top pocket and have room for your phone.
But who wants to carry that around?

I think it is time to be rich, and to do that one should have a clue where to put things. And don't be telling me to put anything in any obvious and cliche'd location.
No off color quips or I'll have you arrested.
I'm the preverbial sucker. I know those who know could start with nothing and in a year be OK. But I could start with something and end up with nothing. That is not right.


  1. Even Swiss banks have now been compromised.

    I can't see the value in gold, but people who DO have seen their investment soar.

    Mebbe old cars & airplanes.

  2. The banking industry has the wind at their backs in terms of earnings. Check out www.finviz.com and you can learn about the forex, commodities and business news pretty quickly.

  3. "ski masks and tools" Hahaha ! Thanks for the smiles this morning, John !!

  4. Oh and now to be all serious ~ if I ever was able to have enough money to spare to invest in something, oh heck I'm getting too old now and need every cent of my money.


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