Sunday, March 13, 2011

Apple Knew I was iRight

Told you so!
iPhones decided to spring back instead of forward for the time change. That is because the Mac daddies knew I was right.
It's all explained in a couple of essays posted down from here.

I feel vindicated. Too bad the news reported this as an error in iPhone programming. It was the only right thing involved in this energy wasting time scheme we have blindly followed without question.

Oh well. I'll enjoy the hot evenings and late sunsets.


  1. Bravo, Juan! Small victories! Keep 'em coming!

  2. Well, kinda massive victory considering how large the iphone market is. Whew! Amazing really.

  3. I didn't see that...This stuff in Japan is horrific. Imagine if this happened in California. There would be rioting and looting out in the open and lots of finger pointing...

  4. I really hate to see what's happening in Japan.. If it happened in CA, you're right, it would be a mess on top of a mess. The contrast to their behavior and that of some other disaster areas is rather stark.


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