Sunday, March 13, 2011

It Must Be My Fault [or I am the source and cause of all things]

I've been seeing little hints around that there are people who do not know that the earth is not a stagnant inert ball. They think every natural occurrence, change in weather, earthquake, volcano, you name it, must be due to either secret government experiments, evil oil companies, or the blight of the earth--human existence, itself.

There are various discussions regarding "Mother Nature is pissed off" and other related mother nature tales. Of course the implication is that mother nature is mad at the unnatural life form for being what it is; human. I get lost reading those things.

Who the hell is mother nature. Where does she live? And why is she always getting pissed off? Sounds like a shrew to me.

These same people would most likely say they believe in evolution and that we evolved from ooze and slime. So, why do they then think nature is somehow exclusive of the human race? Everything we have was derived from the stuff that was laying around in one way or another. Every species on the planet, and probably the whole big university, uses what it can to do what it thinks will make it feel better, safer, and sexier. Assuming that is how it works out in the big university.

You ever see the mess beavers make? Or alligators? They screw stuff up big time. And they don't leave things as they found them. Don't even get me started on elephants. Suffice to say, if they took a shortcut through your farm, the garden or grove would never be the same.

So, there is a big earthquake off of Japan's coast, and they get shaken up and suffer lots of damage from the tsunami. The reaction? Oh, Mother nature is fighting back. The drilling in the Dakotas did it. This is a good opportunity for Obama to reinforce the idea that he was born in Hawaii--according to Chris Matthews (I kid you not). It is karma from WWII. Unbelievable.

It takes very little general knowledge to be aware that the earth is full of hot stuff which screws with the pristine surface on a regular basis. It is not a beach ball filled with foam.

You'd think that nothing ever happened on earth before the industrial age. I think it is due to some hard wired resistance to letting go of superstition. We can't pretend that gods and dragons haul the sun and stars around, and throw lightening at us, and need virgins to appease their cantankerous moods, so new superstitions get invented. In this case it is the Mother Nature or Mother Earth scenario.

Another goddess who needs appeasing. I guess no one thinks sacrificing virgins or holding fun fertility rites will do the trick. They seem more inclined to sacrifice any creative, useful invention or endeavor of the species instead. Let's appease Mother Nature by not heating our homes and by not taking advantage of the mobility the fertile minds of our kind have provided us. At the very least, we should pretend to hate ourselves and feel guilty. But best to express this by somehow blaming the rich or some group that isn't us.

I suppose the westboro bonko church will blame "fags". It is all the same thing. Hard core superstition at work. "The earth has a fever".

I do not think things improve with an attitude of disdain for your own species. I'm more of the mind that all the racket being made in demonstrations and rallies was more than mother nature could take and she fought back to blunt out the shrill noise.

Not really, but that is as legitimate a theory as all the rest.


  1. Behold-a voice crying in the wilderness.

  2. But, virgins DO appease a cantankerous mood. I thouroughly believe we need to go back to fun fertility rites, dammit..and like ourselves while we do it.

    Signed, Getiing-hard-to-fake-the-virginity-thing-but-I'll-be-superstitious-if-it-includes-fertility-rites (GHTFTVTBIBSIIIFR).


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