Saturday, April 30, 2011

Dog and Pony Show Continues

It gets to be far too bizarre to be believable. Manufactured drama in the world of the people who have the guns and the cages---government, (for the far too conditioned to reason folks).

No more than I care if anyone in professional baseball uses steroids or lies to lying congress hooligans, do I care about the president's alleged father or anything else of that nature. I do care about what he and his pals, and even his alleged enemies are doing to the illusion of freedom and justice for all.

But to think that any of the sides in this carnival act are true representations of some sincere philosophy is foolish. Just because you can't make good sense of this puzzle from the pieces given doesn't mean the projected picture is accurate. That part can be shot down with the info at hand.

Some people don't get that. They think that they have to know the real deal, so they buy whatever is thrown out there. The thinking is, "So, if this isn't true, then what is?". That is actually the reasoning process. It's like saying, "So, if you don't believe the sky is made of concrete, then what is the exact molecular composition of it?" That is too prove the concrete idea. You have to have the answer or that confirms the sky is made of concrete. Uh, I don't know, air and stuff, mostly.

At best, you get accused of believing B if you don't believe A. If I think Obama is the figurehead of an evil philosophy then I must love George Bush and old school Republican methods, and I am a racist if I agree with any Tea Party ideas. That's a bit more than just A and B. They do give a modified B these days.

It is all based on lies. And lies about the lies. For example, many who claim to be tea party come up with some lame assertions, but then they are represented in an even more distorted way. Often, Obama is painted in a distorted way. I find his policies radically weird, and more or less, on international matters, an unsupervised version of Bush foreign policy. That means highly irresponsible and cold blooded.

But the truth is, we have no idea from the info we get why our country is doing anything it is doing, domestically or internationally. If you actually look at facts and reasons given, they do not wash. All the medicare scare, etc. Lies on both sides. One side, in my view is preferable but that's an easy call when you want government out of medicine, education, food, and almost all else.

Spending money, tax money, to arrest an Amish guy for selling milk? As long as he did not represent it as pasteurized then forget it. We don't have the right to take our chances or follow our beliefs and choices?

I'm telling you, if the long arm, and the smug and smarmy arm, of government does not back off soon, this country is liable to blow. Kicking up food prices, killing the dollar and with gas prices going through the roof, things could go a couple of different ways. Maybe with the class warfare that has accelerated, post Obama, people will just act out against other races, the "rich", etc. There is a very small chance that enough people get it, or are motivated enough, to just quit contributing and cooperating with the dogs and ponies.

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  1. I actually quit watching the news and I get snippets of it from the internet. Political news is something I avoid entirely because it is easily the biggest spin circus on the planet.


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