Thursday, June 30, 2011

RE Hooked on West

Per Bobby's question, I guess I refer to parts of AZ, NM, most of Colorado, parts of Idaho, Oregon, Washington and California. There is a kind of expanse and the mountains seem to have wider valley's and higher peaks and something about the land grabs me. I like other places too, but now that I'm out here, it is so hard to think of not always being here and being able to get here at will. Even where I live in east SD county has some of that flavor.

I like the miles and miles you can see and drive and never encounter a stop sign, and how it will seem that some section of terrain goes forever, then you crest a hill and there in the distance is a huge snow capped mountain where the sky lives.

The desert is not much to my liking so no matter how you drive to Las Vegas I can do without it.

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  1. Thank you. My expanse is entirely North & South on the East Coast so my perspective is rather limited... I track the beaches like a wolf...


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