Thursday, June 30, 2011

Unsung and Underestimated

Strawberry mountains I think. I can't tell when taking pic on this phone what is in frame.
Just now saw it for first time. Darn, it did not come out, and that was a really good view. Sorry.

As luck would have it, I managed to take the perfect route through Idaho and Oregon. I cut over on 84 I think, then 20 and 26. Those are highways and interstate, not in that order.

The path took me through southern Idaho through Boise. Like Salt Lake and provo, the highway is undergoing some mysterious construction. Stimulus maybe. Unlike Utah, the people with exceptional courtesy and good sense. I was amazed. As a result, the mess was not unduly stressful or bothersome.

Another thing is that this part of Idaho is really pretty, and people I encountered were nice. Glenns Ferry is a neat little town and people there like it--always nice to see. I am so used to living places in which a huge portion of people do not think much of the town. Miami and Memphis, to name 2. With Miami it was kind of love-hate, but the latter began to outweigh the former even with die hard old school South Floridians.

But I have to tell you, Hwy 26 going into Oregon is really fantastic. Don't expect to see motels and gas stations that often after awhile, though. The people in that part of the state are cool, too. Ranch and farm oriented, I guess, and that often makes for stock which hasn't been as eroded as people like me, my peers and most urbanites.

There was this cool little reservoir by the side of the road, with a creek running out--probably running in, too. I stopped and saw some people at the far end fishing. It looked like a great place to camp, or a place, at any rate. So, I drove over and asked them about it. The od guy gave me a rundown on camping and some suggestions. He said there's be other fishermen there and I'd get no peace.

I ended up somewhere in the Malheur Nat'l forest at a federal forestry camp location. You just set up, put money in an envelope and have a stub to show on your car. If a forest ranger comes by you are OK. I never saw a forest ranger, or anyone except some people a half mile away when I drove all around in there to scope it out. It was OK. Tall trees, and I found some dry wood to make a fire. Earlier in the day it rained. I did not hit that place until about 7:30 pm, so by the time I set up and made some pasta thing from one of those dry mixes that cost 97 cents, it was getting dark.

The drive today was even better because the snow capped Strawberry Mountain range, other I don't know, and My Hood came into view. I was in the mountains I guess. Lots of signs referring to snow areas, skiing, snowmobiles, and where to put on tire chains and where to remove them.

I am developing an aversion to cities. Once I got within 50 miles of Portland, people started driving like jerks and the whole feel changed.

Just an aside, and maybe you own one and can prove me wrong--BUT, does everyone who drives a big Dodge 4x4 lack any sense of lane usage or much else? Are they all compensating for something? Really, it is uncanny how they speed up to get right on someone's bumper and have no idea which lane is for passing. Maybe they make you fill out a questionaire: Are you an unadulterated dickhead? If yes, you can buy this truck!!!

Like I said, prove me wrong. But for me to consider your case, you have to explain basic road rules, like which lane is for passing.

So, I then decided to take a side street that said Longview and Long Beach. It sounded coastal. I drove through I guess, Longview, then some other town. Hell with that. Maybe the 4th weekend brings em out. It was getting odd and I saw no coastal things, just a long inlet--I assume.

I turned around, hit the interstate and found an Inn. I'm too tired to camp and nowhere I saw appealed to me at this time. I know when I get too cranky and argue with the gps lady, it is time to give it a rest.

I ran out of time on the video. The last thing is a quick view of the campsite. Too bad. Mt Hood was spectacular. Just a few fluffy clouds around the peak.

The people I encountered in southeast--I keep saying southwest, and central Oregon really were cool. This state ha more easy access to rivers and lakes and mountains and woods than anywhere I've been, and it is surprisingly clean. You see some trash where people have been but much less than other places.

26 runs by various creeks and the John Day river. It looked inviting, the kind of day and river that makes you want to kayak naked.


  1. Strawberry Mtn looked incredible up close in satellite. So that was you, nekkid by the stream? I'll have to go back and check it out...


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