Friday, August 26, 2011

Case Closed; re news nonsense

OK. There is a hurricane hitting the east coast. That part is almost assuredly correct.

But try to get specifics on what is happening on the VA or NC coast--particularly the most vulnerable areas--and what do you get? Panic over Atlantic City and NYC. They may not care about flyover country, and may think the world revolves around them, but almost no one even likes them except them. I really have no interest in New Jersey and assume the feeling is mutual.

Like a place, or not, I'd like some current, relevant info on what is happening now in the areas being hit. Is the storm surge formidable, are major structures holding up, did Amelia Earhart come blowing in, maybe Jimmy Hoffa bobbed in with the surge?

But noooo. We get all the inside scoop on stuff way up there in Atlantic City and hear about Bloomberg's babblings in NYC.. Let's get to that when it is their turn. What the hell is with news departments and those who teach journalism these days? Really, this latest crop of decision makers and reporters doesn't even deserve to be labelled by a word as polite as "incompetent". They are a notch or two shy of even that.

This instance makes my case that big time news organizations are unreliable and not in touch with the subject at hand. They'd rather stand on the beach up the coast and pretend they might blow away, but they are on the scene, action reporting FOR YOU!!

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