Tuesday, August 16, 2011

It's Delicious, and I forget the rest

Richard's delicious seasoning, of Brown's Summit, NC, is all it claims. I find myself using it on my secret formula sandwiches, which contain all the variety of food you need in a day--protein fiber, all the essential food colors. It also makes its way onto tortilla things on occasion. If there are tomatoes, potatoes, and greens involved, it usually works. I'd say Howlin Wolf is a little bit better if eggs are in the mix, like omelets.

I cannot imagine anyone taking my advice on this, considering the fact that even other non-carnivores eat nothing remotely resembling my diet. But then many of them think they are saving the planet, bowing to mother nature, or God only knows what. I have my own views of people and types on both sides of the carnivore line. And I find I tend to harbor animosity toward elements of both groups.

Everyone wants to get inside your stomach and decide what should be there. Morons.

I'm not sure you can get Richard's anywhere but that one little country store. It is not all that far from Greensboro, in very nice rural rolling hills, piedmont country. That is probably my favorite NC landscape. That excludes the beach. You go a few hundred yards inland from the beach and I can't say it does much for me. Eastern NC is not fun until you hit the hills to the west, or the beach at the other edge. But you have to go through it to find the coast. One of those mean little tricks life plays.

I tend to prefer the north eastern to the central or southeastern. All offense intended, Lumberton and some of that area is flat, ugly and hot, with a disproportionate number of people who would have been shoe-ins for parts in the movie, Deliverance. It is very dicey if you have any auto breakdown issues in that area, on I-95 or not. In the summer time it can be very hot and humid. 90 degrees there is more vicious than 90 most anywhere else. Even the temperature is hostile redneck.

OK. So why am I starting fights with God-forsaken parts of the world? I don't know. People cannot help where they are born. Maybe they can't help much else. I begin to wonder, judging from my own life.

California is a funny place. I think a lot of the culture has that somewhat warped sense of sophistication you see on TV; where a certain erudition comes through, but the overall awareness level is pretty much clueless (especially concerning life elsewhere).

And the attitude toward the south is maddening. It is really just a matter of being ignorant. But then there are those who rear their heads to fuel the archaic and inaccurate stereotypes. The new south is not comprised of huge numbers of white bigots. It is comprised of huge numbers of black bigots, and very few white racists. Plus some of the best colleges and universities in the country are there, and have been for some time. Doesn't matter. In some circles the hate everyone who eats meat, hunts, fishes, wears leather belts or shoes, or in any way makes use of animals to further their own survival and quality of life.

There are those, too, who hate all evidence of human intelligence and industry. They are "ashamed" to be people. Come to think of it, I agree with their shame. They should feel guilty for being.

So, if you want to find a group who hates all or some of the species, it is easy to do, even in California. In some ways it is easier here than in the South in that regard.

In California, especially in movie land, I think they believe their own movies, even when they are fiction, and based on someone's guess regarding other people and places. That stuff tends to float out into the culture at large to some degree. Maybe I'm in the right place. Clueless, given to fantasy and magical thinking, tan, clueless, gullible, clueless--yea, this is the place where I fit in.


  1. You hit the nail on the head about NC. I have a straight shot from The Hampton Roads area to the Outer Banks. You can keep the rest of the state...

  2. I'll have to get my hands on that seasoning. I actually have one that I like for pork...


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