Monday, August 8, 2011

Food Saves Lives

All it takes is you donating to the international Ballistic food bank. You can send money or canned food or good pasta and stuff. We'll be sure it gets used. You can feel good knowing you are a hero and ensured that someone didn't starve.

With so few causes and charities out there, I know you like to be told who needs your resources the most, and whose demise will weigh on your conscience if you don't contribute. It's OK if you buy a mosquito net as well, but if it is one or the other, I'd say food trumps maybe being bit, and maybe being injected with a disease by a mosquito.

This has been a public service announcement


  1. ooops

    I'm sure my dad could have offered some odd jobs for "I work for food" deals.....

  2. Oh I see how you are. You pop up when you're hungry, eh. 'Bout time you surfaced.

    Okay, fine...I'll check my cupboards (hmmm...only homemade jellies....still looking....) Shucks, I really need to find something worthy of such a fine and good cause.



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