Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Lucky Are Those Who Have No Time To Contemplate

Where have I been, I wonder. And what is it I'm heading toward that I somehow block from my mind? I'm not so sure the answers are things of beauty.

There are times when I can't answer the phone, write a note or see anyone I don't have to see. I'm unsure why that is. The phone will sit uncharged, off, or in the car when I'm indoors, or indoors when I'm in the car. That's how I deal with it because I feel bad for not being connected with people that matter. I also don't like people that matter to know I'm off in never never land.

What can you do? I decided to get my tires rotated since it is free. They started pointing out wear bars and all that. I figured the tour shoes were good for another 10 to 15000 miles, and no way I was spending a bunch of money for tires.

The clever guy asks if I wanted to see what the price would be so I'd know. OK, I wanted to know. He gave some price and I immediately cut it short, besides, the tires I had were supposed to be good for 60k miles and they only have about 40k. Then he started messing with numbers and pro-rated stuff.

Bottom line, the price of tires that are better than what I had, with a longer milage guarantee, was a couple of hundred less than I paid for the ones that were on there. Time-wise, it seem I just got the Yokahamas yesterday. I figured if I kept them then the discount would be less when I replaced them, and if I let them rotate the new ones on schedule, if these don't hold up I'll get an even better kickback. So, it was either spend at least 200 dollars more in six months or so, or just do it now. I doubt prices will go down. It paid off complaining that I was not getting the 60,000 miles as advertised.

Since he had already played up the wear bar stuff, he could not very well back up and say they'd hang in for the duration, although they may have. In my fog, I felt I had allowed him to corner himself. I'm sure he wanted credit for the sale which may have led to some warranty juggling--I had not done the rotations to the letter, which was my end of the warranty bargain.

Maybe a dumb move, maybe not. I think it may have been smart to do it while I can, and possibly spend less in the long run. So, now I got Pirellis. The only time I ever had Pirellis was before my nephews were even born. I had them on an MG and they handled better than anything, but did not last all that long. Maybe they are better now. They are claiming eighty five thousand miles, and I intend to hold them to it. It sure rides nice. Makes me want to hit the road for year or so. Too bad that tires alone aren't the only things needed for travel.

Anyway, in my stuporous state of mind it made me feel like I was doing something constructive. And it forces me to hustle more for work. This pattern of life is not what I want. I'm a little worried about it. Or else I am not worried enough about it, and that is the real source of the fear.

Forcing myself to write this is progress. Being aware that I may be sending messages in bottles out into a vacuum doesn't please me, but that is how it goes. It is better for me to write something to no one than to write nothing. Beyond that, I really have no idea what I'm thinking or what is next, if anything.

The weather is hot, but not like the places that are really hot. This part of the country is pretty much the best climate you can have if you like sunshine and not much rain.

It would not be that hard to fade away and disappear, but I doubt that is the proper route to take. It may be compulsory, though, so you never can be sure. It is the conflict, the pressures, demands of others that actually keep life going. People think having no drama, no one nagging or pushing--just a little--is an idyllic existence. They are wrong. That sort of thing is a form of death, and it is a mistake to arrange life so there isn't a little bit of outside force, pressure and drama. You don't need much, but a little bit of consistent struggle is a good thing.


  1. I was beginning to get worried about you......

  2. Hmmm, well you got new tires. I just ordered some for my kid through the and it invariably saves me a bundle.

    Glad you are dong okay.

    I like to unplug from the grid at times...


  3. I got my first pirelli in a long while secondary to blowing a tire 46 miles from my 50th college reunion.

    Re: " People think having no drama, no one nagging or pushing--just a little--is an idyllic existence. They are wrong."

    I'll have to give that some thought. Cuz I'm pretty sure I thought that.



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