Monday, August 29, 2011

What Happened to OBX?

Maybe if I had a great connection I could go to local TV channels and get at least a locally botched news report about relevant hurricane aftermath. As it is, all I find is the story that people are without power. No kidding. That is what happens in hurricanes.

I'd like to know what went down in Bobby's neighborhood, how much beach was eaten up in the Outer Banks, did most structures remain standing and repairable? As it is, I know New York had water on some streets and other things related to New England. For some reason I care very little about New England, though I wish them well. I'm not emotionally invested there for the most part, and doubt they experienced a major catastrophe.

I doubt this will cost them nearly as much as their own rules and regulations cost. Who knows. They gave us Biden and Romney. I know it is silly to blame the whole region for that. That would be like blaming me for Arnold or Maxine Waters.

It seems the news sources believe the public is more interested in stories about a running of the bulls event being cancelled in Arizona, or sex offending baby sitters in Chicago or Obama's disapproval rating. I do not care about approval ratings. Another trick to let you know what you are supposed to think. Who needs that? If you can't decide for yourself, then your opinion is baseless and of no validity whatsoever. Too bad they let drones vote.

I hope things on the NC and VA coasts aren't too torn up. That is a very special area in my book.


  1. Vermont lost several of their iconic covered bridges which had stood for many many decades.


  2. 5 breaks in the road leading to the OBX from HWY12. They will get it repaired in less time than you would imagine. There is a massive breach presently that has recreated the island...


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