Monday, August 29, 2011

Wondering About Law

As we've moved into a hyper litigious society, many people are able to use the system to squash those with less power. Nothing to do with truth, justice, freedom, right or wrong.

Somehow, I have to question the decisions of courts all the way up the chain who've allowed this to develop. It is a great thing for lawyers, and whoever can pay the most and hire the most, and afford to have them file the most motions wins. That cannot be right in a free world.

I guess, since judges are mostly lawyers they help facilitate this kind of thing. It is way too easy for nitwits to sue over nothing, too hard for honest people with legitimate claims to get justice, and much too common for the whole thing to get twisted and molded into a weapon by those with the power to use it.

Oh well. Rather than seriously try to make it right we hear the often jowly voice of reason remind us that, "It isn't perfect, but its the best system there is." And they may be right. Just goes to show that much of the world really sucks when it comes to rules and regulations and how they deal with them.

It just came to mind, and I seriously wonder how anyone can think this is headed toward a more free country where anyone can seek his fortune using whatever resources he has and his wits. I avoided the phrase equal opportunity because some think it isn't equal if you are smarter or richer coming out of the blocks. They don't get what the words opportunity and freedom mean.

Anyway, something like court ought not be anyone's weapon used to harm the innocent.

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  1. The idea that it is 'the best system there is' rapidly has lost its luster. And any truth either.



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