Saturday, September 17, 2011

Ballistic Madness

The longer I've lived here, the more aware I am that many people who live up in these hills are crazy and could be dangerous. Not saying that is a bad thing, necessarily, just how it is.

I only see the people as they barrel down or up the winding dirt road creating a hazard to others, while I flip them the finger. Wonder how many recall that. Today there is a talent show/arts and crafts fair/ bake off up the road from me. They are using our P.A. so we'll play first.

When you play to a crowd of crazies it can go either way. They might be whooping and dancing or they just stare blankly while you do the best, freest solo of all time. You never know with these Californians in the hills, or much anywhere else for that matter.

Many of the people up here are nice so don't let me taint it too much. It is just how it is. Maybe the crazy ones make such an impression that I think their numbers are greater. California is a strange place altogether. IF one is wealthy, it is the place to be, like most places. Maybe wealthy is the thing to do regardless of location. If you are not well to do, you can usually get by, but then the personalities and little things bother you more.

I'm hoping to play well this afternoon. I'm feeling tired inside and that will probably energize me temporarily. It is definitely a pretty day for it, as most days are.

We'll be east of my house past the place where the mules live.

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