Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sunny and Mild on Ballistic Mountain

I'm still uncertain what kind of weather is typical for my micro climate at any given time of year, but I'm pretty sure this is the hot season, and the time when Santa Ana winds might blow. We have had some 90 to 100 degree days, but in classy San Diego style they are tempered by breezy days with temps of 80 or less.

Then if you work way over in Rancho Bluster Bucks, home of the trophy everything, it is even more pleasant. Since that is what I do, I'm a happy camper today. Finally, low humidity, just enough heat so that the sun's rays feel good, and the work went well...sort of. I may have killed some grass in a plant bed.

I was using the new secret teak cleaner-brightener on the Englishman's stuff and forgot to wet some of the adjacent vegetation. Namely the little clumps of grass in the plant beds. Undiluted, the cleaner will do a number on plant life. If the vegetation is wet down well, it does no harm. The cleaner-brightener is all greenish and not a cause of global warming, earthquakes, or flooding--provided that you do the right thing and wet the adjacent grass clumps well.

Maybe the 1.5 square feet of grass was already brown; bright brown. Maybe not. It will grow back or else I'll have to make peace with the landscaper. In any case, I'll take the initiative and let the house manager know I may be the cause of the problem and inform her that the effect is not permanent. The soil is not forever tainted.

Oh well. Finally get a product that does a great job, and I fall down on my very complicated, high tech, unbelievably challenging, mildly rewarding task.

At times like this fear creeps in. Why am I such an under-achiever? Will my mind go completely numb and dull before I put it to real use? Why did I have to protect that kid by beating up Stooowahrt in kindergarten, thereby cementing a lifelong distrust for authority because Mrs Anderson(I bet there never was a Mr Anderson-she just usurped the title) refused to hear my side of the story and she punished only me, causing me to distance myself from ever being an enthusiastic participant in the educational process?

Yes, I think I finally found the key to all I've done and all the times I turned my back on opportunity. It's that damned Stewart. But if I had not stepped in, he might still be whipping little Joey with the banyan roots (they grow down from the branches like vines). Life is not always a thing of justice, but I bet Mrs A had to answer for that in the hereafter. No way she's still around. She was old even then, at least by my measure.

So, now that I am here, what do I do? I've ruined the best relationships, embraced the worst until even I saw the light, and wound up in Hermitville. It is better than it was, and I must remind myself to see and appreciate that fact. Far better than just a few years ago.

Don't think that just because I identify Stooowaart as a root cause of my difficulties with tyrants that I don't cite wimmins as playing a role in my state of abundant confusion. I certainly do. They will break your heart, say yes and mean no, or maybe, say no and mean not today but maybe yesterday, and still be the best reason for taking another breath.

Too much for me to figure and define. I'll just focus on the neighborhood talent, arts and crafts, bake-off event this saturday on Ballistic Mountain. Our group, Copper Creek will kick off the talent part. It is one of the guitar player's P.A. He's pretty much lead vocalist and driving force of the group, too. But, it never kicks if any of the members is out. Good bunch to play with. We'll do just a few tunes and hope they demand more, but this sort of crowd is peculiar and you never know.

Some nice people up here. Some brain dead rednecks of both sexes as well. Kind of like the country version of a dysfunctional family you see well portrayed in a couple of movies. Carolina is one such flick.

And I should prepare for the arrival of the semi-ex curmudgeon and the sexy librarian on Monday. They'll be overnighting nearby in one of my favorite itty bitty towns so I hope to get the car clean enough in case a tour is in order. Otherwise there'll be no room for them and it would scare them away.

It'll be good, regardless of my messy lack of organization. I must not be too close to Godliness, since cleanliness and I have barely ever made one another's acquaintance. One of these days...

Seeing those two again will be a bright spot in the landscape of my near future. I hope they aren't too tired. They've carved out a very demanding, non-stop itinerary for this adventure.


  1. you have a pretty extensive social life for a hermit.

  2. semi-hermit. I'm not completely hermetically sealed.


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