Sunday, September 4, 2011

Maybe Mexico

The health care situation in this country has changed. Not because of too little government involvement and non-sense, but because of too much. That is my view.

We can thank the trial lawyers and John Edwards for much of the non-sense. Another case in which charlatans who spout drivel about being there to fight for the little guy actually make life more difficult for those very people, and pretty much everyone else.

If I were to go to the doctor, they'd want to do probably three times more tests than are warranted, plus some, just to cover themselves. So, being a cash guy, I won't go. Maybe I should go somewhere in Mexico where cash means something and the rules can be bent toward my own wishes.

Isn't that bizarre? People flock to the third world because they don't have the freedom to do what they want at home.

So, now I have dizziness, a rash which may be unrelated, and just now, for the first time in my life, a nose bleed. That didn't last long, but it was a big surprise. This keeps up and the car may not get signed over. I'll just drive it off into the sea or into the abyss. Oh wait, I can't be starting any fires so no local abyss for the car.

I'll bet there are fewer noisy, pushy third world urchins in Mexican waiting rooms than there are in US clinics and emergency rooms. Yes, I am a bigot and a snob.

I hate pushy people who sneeze, cough and sweat on you. Like it or not, some cultures are way more pushy as far as not allowing an inch of personal space. In fact almost all other cultures, other than the America we've all been taught to hate and despise, and their northern european predecessors who we also despise if we are politically correct. I love it when the wannabes, like Michael Moore, pretend to hate that which they are in an effort to gain favor with others and convince them they are not what they are. Mike and three quarters of famous people in Hollywood fit that bill.

OK. I'm being punished for being so down on California goof balls, and that is why my nose is now the mouth of the Red River.

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